ᐅ The best self-tanning lotion in 2020!

ᐅ The best self-tanning lotion in 2020!

The best self-tanning lotion in 2020 – test summary, comparison and buying tips

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A summary of the reviews of the best self-tanning lotion by respected magazines with the different winners, as well as information, buying tips, comparisons and more to help you find the perfect item for your needs.

Despite all the contradictions against the dangerous rays of the sun, a tanned complexion remains an expression of health and vitality.
This is the reason why most people try to get a healthy tan.

Especially since most of the time, the pale faces seem to be a bit wacky. But this can easily be countered especially if the sun does not appear. It is therefore possible all year round to obtain a slightly tanned and healthy complexion with the best self-tanning lotion by simple means.

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What is the best self-tanning lotion?

The best self-tanning lotion is generally available in liquid form or in a creamy texture and tans the skin completely without rays UV harmful.

It is available in the form of a tanning cream, gel, lotion, tanning spray, self-tanning handkerchief or foam and, as an indication, different tanning levels can be chosen.

The following article explains how to use the best self-tanning lotion with the best result without spots or streaks. We have put together the best self tanning lotions for you. This is to allow you to make your own opinion on the products.

How can the best self-tanning lotion work?

The ingredients of the usual self-tanners are dihydroxyacetone or DHA abbreviated. This artificially produced sugar reacts with proteins in the upper layer of the skin and, depending on your mood, tones them into a delicate brown in just 3 at 6 hours.

We think that 10 at 15% people do not react to the substance and the skin remains clear, there is absolutely no tanning result. Some self-tanners therefore also use erythrulose, also a kind of sugar.

However, the result may not last long, especially at the start. Regular reapplication of the cream stabilizes the tan.
Since the majority of women want a product for their own body that tans as naturally as possible, it sometimes takes a little longer to get the desired level of tan and skin tone.

The thicker the stratum corneum, the more intense the skin tones. This effect also does not make application very easy, as it can easily result in speckled benefits and irregularities. As our skin is renewed regularly, the tan and the color of the skin only remain for a few days.

How to apply the best self-tanning lotion?

As already mentioned, the application is not too easy and usually requires a little practice. In order to obtain a good effect without spots, the skin must first be prepared for tanning.

A few days before using the best self-tanning lotion, the skin should be cleansed with a peel, then treated with a moisturizer. This removes all dead skin and horny layers and reduces the risk of spots on the tan.

In particular, areas of dry skin, dander, and areas such as the knees, ankles, or elbows should be rid of dead skin cells. Otherwise, these areas tend to get darker than the rest of the body.

First apply the best self-tanning lotion or spray with a spray and apply by movements circulars. Make sure it is as abundant and pure as possible on the areas of the skin up to the hairline.

To avoid discoloration of the palms, the hands should then be thoroughly washed in the dye. A special glove or cotton swab should be used.

Shortly after tanning, avoid direct contact with the tissue, as greasy self-tanners can rub off a bit.
It is therefore essential to wait until the self-tanner is completely absorbed before going to bed or getting dressed.

When used correctly, self-tanner is practical. Instead of exposing the skin to the rays UV harmful (skin cancer!) or the solarium during sunbathing, the tan is simply creamy or sprayed with a spray to tan your whole body and legs.

Our top 5 best self-tanning lotions in 2020:

What is the best self-tanning leg lotion?

For the legs, we recommend tanning cream from Lavera ! The lotion should be applied quickly and sparingly to excited areas such as the knees and toes so that the tan result is not too intense.

How can I get the best spotless self-tanning lotion?

Above all, you must use a glove. You can help a person because applying the spotless cream is much easier. Respect the application time and do not put anything during this time!

How long can the best self-tanning lotion last?

The weather depends on the individuals. You must follow the directions prescribed on the packaging by the manufacturers to avoid concerns.

A few tips

Sometimes the tan does not work well with the application of the cream, so we would like to eliminate the bronzer that has just been applied immediately! Here are the best tips.

Do not wash the skin, but a gentle peel helps. A visit to the pool and a bath in chlorinated water also removes the upper skin cells. After all, bathing in a bathtub and subsequent body oil can sometimes work wonders.

Purchase criteria: Based on these factors, you can compare and evaluate self-tanners.

In the following, we will show you which aspects you can choose from the multitude of potential self-tanning lotions:

In the following paragraphs we will explain what is important with all the individual criteria.

  • Body region
  • Tint
  • Color intensity
  • Duration of effect

However, it may be useful to take a look at the self tanners and see what is written on the packaging as we have already advocated at the top of this analysis.

Body region

As mentioned in the manual, there are self-tanners for the body and for the face. There are also products that are suitable for both areas.

The facial skin is more sensitive and requires more care. In self-tanners for the face, there is usually no scent to avoid allergies. Product differentiation is therefore necessary.

It is important to know that your product is suitable for the right area of ​​the body. For your face, you need to be careful what you use, as it requires special care.


By color is meant the effect of self-tanning. A product may have the following color tones as a target:

  • Olive
  • Natural
  • Orange

In order to buy the ideal tone to satisfy your imagination, it is particularly important to pay attention to this differentiation of olive, natural and orange.

If you want a natural complexion, it is recommended, as with summer makeup, to choose one or two levels darker than your complexion.

Color intensity

The intensity of the color expresses how extreme the impact of the best self-tanning lotion is. It pays to be aware of the degree of the product.

Too intensive a self-tanner, for example, would not be recommended, as the color effect would be too powerful and no improvement could be made. In order to avoid an error, it may be important to take it into account.

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Duration of effect

The duration of action of the best self-tanning lotion is that of the recommended exposure time. Each manufacturer labels their product with this information. This can be used to compare and determine what fits your needs and how long you are ready to go for use.


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