ᐅ The best propolis cream!

ᐅ The best propolis cream!

The best propolis cream in 2020 – test summary, comparison and buying tips

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A summary of the reviews of the best propolis face cream by respected magazines with the different winners, as well as information, buying tips, comparisons and much more to help you find the perfect item for your needs.

What is the best propolis cream?

Propolis is a substance extracted by bees from the resin of trees, which is necessary to seal their hive and is transformed by other bees into a sealant.

Propolis is therefore often known as “broad spectrum propolis“, Because its spectrum of use is wide. From small scratches to large burns, open legs, psoriasis or even cancer, propolis helps to heal and relieve.

There are no bacteria, viruses, germs or parasites in the world that have been resistant to propolis which is therefore considered a biological antibiotic due to its powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

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Can the best propolis cream really help?

It cannot have a great impact against all diseases. Aristotle or other great doctors have already sworn with this natural substance and have successfully relieved their festering wounds.

It is said to have more healing and relieving power than chemical preparations, and if you use more natural remedies than chemical preparations anyway, it is best to use this treatment.

When is the best propolis cream best for you?

The best propolis cream is suitable for all those who suffer from skin diseases, whether it is men, women, children.

Whether serious purulent wounds or acne, even torn, itchy and dry skin … these variants are treated with this cream, which is similar to honey in the matter, and allows to find freshness and hydration.

In a natural way, the skin is helped to heal itself and to close its wounds.

What are the active ingredients often used?

Propolis is available both as a cream and as an ointment or can be made from the skin itself. The ointment itself is produced from fat, while the cream is made from an emulsion oil-water.

The cream, however, is usually still supplied with oils and fats as well as beeswax, vegetable substances like aloe vera, lanolin and water, to be able to obtain a softer and opaque consistency in the perfect strong and massive substance.

How can the best propolis cream work?

If used as a therapeutic agent, it is the severity of your inflammation or condition that determines how often you should use the cream. There is absolutely no general indication of the duration or frequency of use.

How can the best propolis cream work?

From the inside, the cream helps to ensure that the natural internal tissues heal well and that any damage is repaired so that your skin can shine again.

Are there any known side effects or risks of the best propolis cream?

Propolis is a beekeeping product and contains ingredients that can cause side effects in certain vulnerable people. These include various eczemas and abscesses that can develop, as well as the pre-existing wounds that need to be treated with this cream can get worse.

Can the best propolis cream cause allergies?

Since propolis is a beekeeping product and many people do not tolerate it, allergies cannot be excluded and must be weighed beforehand. Before starting with a cream or ointment containing propolis, hypersensitivity must be eliminated and tested on a small area of ​​skin.

If you do not have redness or other allergic reactions after 24 hours, you can start propolis treatment carefully.

What are the quality characteristics of the best propolis cream?

Many creams based on propolis and lotions are made by the beekeepers themselves, who personally take care of the welfare of the bees and create their creams in a natural way. They only use natural ingredients and work cleanly with bees, that is to say according to their own nature and species, to create a purely natural and effective cream.

In most cases, they can provide a certificate appropriate proving it. Frequently these creams get a seal “organic”Appropriate. A so-called “top list” on the web provides information on the top ten propolis creams and can help you choose the most suitable item.

General remarks on the best propolis cream

When you think about the great effectiveness of propolis and how it is obtained and processed, you get the impression of a so-called ” panacea “Which can be used both indoors and outdoors and can help solve many problems and distress.

Instead of resorting to expensive chemical preparations, this natural preparation gives you the fantastic feeling of not getting your skin dirty and making it great for you and nature. The many fantastic experience reports since antiquity speak for themselves and it seems like it is worth applying it yourself and for your own needs.

A user of a propolis cream says that she rubs her abscess in the groin area, which returns with this cream a week later and is surprised to see how speed this abscess has disappeared.

Another user said that she still plays sports and that there are often severe and deep wounds. However, as she uses a propolis cream, after two or three applications, she is free of symptoms and the wounds are closed well. From now on, she will only use this cream for her sports injuries.

One end user reports that this cream has often helped her with severe burns or deep bloody wounds and that she did not even need to use it regularly to show its impact.

The impact of the best propolis cream is favorable as a so-called bio antibiotic for immune stimulation and defense against disease.

Our top 5 best propolis creams in 2020:

Advantages and disadvantages of this product

The benefits of applying a propolis cream are:

  • Retracts quickly and is not oily
  • Works day and night on the skin and is deeply effective
  • Antibacterial, antiobiotic, antifungal and antimicrobial function
  • Must be applied against all wounds, injuries and illnesses imaginable
  • Beekeeping product that can cause severe allergies

The best propolis cream – scientific research

A Polish research team has treated a study involving a total of 56 people having a ” open leg ”(cruris ulcer) regarding the antibacterial effect of propolis. In this study, 28 of them have been treated with a corresponding propolis ointment (7%) and 28 others have been treated with conventional drugs.

After six weeks of treatment, the propolis group no longer had an open leg, while the conventional drug group was cured of its open leg just after approximately 14 days.

There are several different studies on propolis regarding oxidative stress or other diseases like cancer. Propolis is still being researched and more and more new areas are emerging where and against which it can still help and be used.

Purchase criteria: Based on these factors, you can compare and evaluate the best propolis cream

In the following, we want to show you what factors you can use to compare and evaluate the best propolis cream. This will make it easier for you to determine whether a particular propolis cream is right for you or not.

In short, we must be interested in the following:

  • Application
  • Quality
  • Dosage
  • Application area
  • Tolerance
  • Dosage form


The decisive factor here is whether you want to use the active substance as a preventive measure for skin care or whether you want to promote targeted application for skin problems. The choice of skin care creams is large. But it is especially important to pay attention to this information on the label.

The proportion of propolis in the final product can vary considerably. To benefit from the impact, the level of propolis in skincare creams should not be too low.

Application as a healing ointment requires a high quality propolis cream. It is here that you should preferably choose lotions that contain the active substance in high concentration and that have additional regenerative ingredients for the skin such as Arnica or Camper.


The propolis content of the final product is an important criterion so that the best propolis cream not only lives up to its name, but also convinces in its mode of action.

The source of this raw material is also decisive for the quality of the propolis cream. Therefore, make sure that propolis from appropriate beekeeping for the species is recognized as an ingredient.

If you are unsure, ask beekeepers or merchants if in doubt. A corresponding certificate should be available upon request. Also pay attention to additional content, which must be fully specified.


How the cream should be dosed depends on its application. If you want to use the best propolis cream for general skin care, the application is no different from any other conventional care cream.

However, before the first application, it is advisable to test the compatibility. An allergy to bee products is not necessarily rare. For example, many people do not tolerate honey. If a physical reaction is detected after application, you should refrain from using the best propolis cream.

Application area

We recommend applying the best propolis cream for about a day. When the skin remains unchanged, you can apply the cream. If swelling or discoloration appears, you should not use the cream.

If the best propolis cream is to be used for healing purposes, the dosage cannot be determined with precision and always depends on the disease concerned and the estimated treatment.


In this case, it is very likely that after application, an allergy in the form of redness of the skin, swelling of the skin or rash associated with itching.

It naturally depends on the product chosen and the propolis content. We can only make general statements. You should therefore test the cream as described above for its compatibility with the skin.

The effect of propolis has not yet been sufficiently studied. As an example, there are no clear statements about how the product affects pregnancy and breastfeeding. Therefore, pregnant and breastfeeding women should best refrain from using propolis cream.

Dosage form

In addition to the described propolis cream and ointment, other administration variants are possible. You may be considering taking propolis in the form of lozenges, chewing gum or granules in addition to the external application.

Homeopathy also uses the described effect of this putty resin in the hive. However, an independent application of globulis is not recommended. A practitioner of complementary and alternative health care approaches can assess the need and determine the appropriate dose individually.

It is always possible to combine the best propolis cream with other beekeeping products, provided that the propolis is well tolerated and no skin reaction occurs.

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Are there any studies on the best propolis cream?

In recent years, more and more research has been done. The best propolis cream has also been analyzed in detail. In Poland, very remarkable research has been carried out. She focused on treating an “open leg”, called Ulcus cruris of technical language.

56 patients with this disease were included in the tests. The group was cut in half. One group received conventional medication and the second group was treated with propolis ointment.

By the end of the six-month trial series, symptoms in the propolis group had completely disappeared. The second group took 16 weeks to heal.

In various studies, propolis has been shown to have the following consequences:

  • Antibiotic effect
  • Antioxidant effect
  • Antidepressant effect
  • Anti-inflammatory effect

Studies have also been conducted on preventive treatment with propolis. Propolis preparations have been administered to perfectly healthy men. Among them, there were also children.

Here too, part of the test group received propolis prophylactically. The others tested did not take any bee preventive products. After the evaluation was completed, it was determined that the chills rate had decreased by more than half with the propolis group.


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