ᐅ The best nail hardener in 2020!

ᐅ The best nail hardener in 2020!

The best nail hardener in 2020 – test summary, comparison and buying tips

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A summary of the tests of the best nail hardener by respected magazines with the different winners, as well as information, buying advice, comparisons and many other elements to help you find the ideal article for your needs .

The best nail hardener is a cosmetic product in the field of make-up treatment which can be used by women and men to make nails soft or fine and more resistant, to protect them from external influences and to provide them with hydration. and additional food.

Even though a nail hardener cannot affect the thickness of a nail as it is inherited, it can significantly improve the quality of the nail when used properly. Nail hardeners are available in different versions, such as lotions, gels or creams, but the most common is the liquid form, which is similar to the classic form of clear varnish.

The best nail hardener is applied to the nails with a brush and can be used as a pure care product or as a base coat before applying a colored varnish.

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How can the best nail hardener work?

The best nail hardener is a skincare product that contains different ingredients determined by the manufacturer and the product. Almost all formulas contain formaldehyde as a base, which reaches the nail tissues in which it strengthens the surface of the nail.

According to the formula, other active ingredients are added to the nail hardener to provide nutrients and vitamins. A popular addition is calcium, which seals the surface of the nail and rebuilds the nail from the stratum corneum.

Who is the best nail hardener for?

The best nail hardener is a popular way to strengthen and rebuild soft or brittle nails. The causes of different nail problems can be multiple.

A genetic predisposition, incorrect care, the use of products containing acetone, strong mechanical stress during physical work and regular shocks due to impacts as well as mineral or vitamin deficiencies can be responsible for brittle nails, soft or heartbreaking.

Using popular permanent manicure techniques such as acrylic or gel can also strain your nails and lead to impairment. And even the regular wearing of even high-quality nail polish can affect nails as they are, because it reduces the source of oxygen.

Another reason is the normal aging process, which not only changes the stability of the skin, but also that of the nails. Those who have not been fortunate enough to have firm and stable nails should therefore benefit from this product.

This product fights nail age – conditionally it takes care of fragile and less stable nails, torn nails. You can use the nail hardener if this is the case. If you are not sure, consult your doctor before using this product.

As there are also transparent articles on the market alongside colored hardeners, nail hardeners are suitable for both women and men.

The right use of the best nail hardener

When using the best nail hardener, it is important to remember that this product is not a daily care product. Daily use of a nail hardener can affect the natural elasticity of the nails, as they dry out with permanent application.

Instead, the user can schedule a nail treatment where he strengthens the affected nails over a fixed period with the nail hardener. As full effectiveness is only given within the short period of this use, it is advisable to apply the product on several consecutive days.

Once completely dry or during the day, you can apply butter or nail acrylic to give the nail extra hydration and keep it elastic. The next day, apply a second coat on the first and repeat the operation the next day with a third coat.

Warning ! In order not to destroy your care, you must absolutely choose a nail polish remover, because it can damage the nail especially if it contains acetone. The next day, repeat the entire procedure. Depending on the initial condition of your nails, you can repeat the process for several weeks, but not more than two months.

If the nails are rebuilt and strong, application at intervals of 7 at 14 days is recommended in order to maintain the problem. In addition, you should not brush the nail directly from the cuticle, but leave this part outside and for even more care of the cuticle use a cream. This ensures that the natural nail can grow easily.

What should I watch out for when buying the best nail hardener?

If you want to use the best nail hardener to improve the quality of your nails, you can now choose from a wide selection of products. Before buying, ask yourself if you want to use the nail hardener as a pure skin care product or if it should also be used as a base coat.

So you can choose a gel, cream or varnish product. Many users prefer viscous editing because they can then apply the nail hardener with a brush and are already familiar with the process of varnishing nails.

If you want to use the hardener as a base coat or as a pure maintenance product, a transparent nail hardener is recommended. Here you can choose between matte or glossy products. If you want the most natural look possible, choose a hardener with a matte finish.

For colored accents, you can choose a nail hardener colored. The recipe must also be a decisive criterion in the choice of a product: In addition to acrylic or shellac, formaldehyde is frequently used as a base.

Anyone sensitive to this issue should opt for a replacement product. In addition, you should always make sure to choose a nail hardener with maintenance additives. Among the five largest nail hardeners, the Scientific hardener K + of Mavala is the preferred.

It convinces with its simple and quick application and the fact that it is not visible on the nails due to its mat finish and transparent dye and is therefore suitable for men and women who do not want to give the impression in everyday life they wear nail polish or who, because of their work, cannot work with an optically recognizable varnish on the nails.

Our top 5 best nail hardeners in 2020:

Buying advice – best nail hardener

If you want to have beautiful and strong nails, nail hardeners are the best option for having beautiful nails. There are many forms of nail hardeners on the market, but you need to choose the ones that suit your type of nail.

The following features should be kept in mind when purchasing such an item:


You should choose the ingredients that match your nails feeling. Look for ingredients like vitamin E, jojoba oil, aloe vera and proteins that act on the nails and protect against brittleness.

In any case, no fixation should damage your nails. It can be very difficult to find formaldehyde-free nail hardeners because the most popular products include this active ingredient.

Type of product

It exists 2 basic types of nail hardener, namely hardeners and moisturizers. Hardeners are also available in 2 different types: crosslinking and strengthening. If you need an immediate result, hardeners are best because they work on the top layer of the nail.

Moisturizers take comparatively longer times to work because they work on the flexibility of the nails. These products are similar to creams which should be applied regularly for maximum impact.


You can check the products on the internet to find the best deals. The formula of this product also determines the cost. Ingredients like diamond dust and titanium can be more expensive than traditional inexpensive ingredients.


Choose a product using an applicator brush that makes it easier to apply this product without burning the skin. Moisturizers are usually provided in glass packaging because they are cream in color. Select the product size as needed and use it as these products can work quickly.

Tube packaging for hydrators is much easier to transport and more convenient to use than bath packaging, which can be somewhat unhealthy when used by many men and women.

Here are some tips and tricks to follow when buying and using the best nail hardener:

Determine the root cause of brittle nails, as any disease can lead to thinner, more brittle nails. Do not apply strong nail hardeners more than twice a week as the formula can damage the skin if used more than necessary.

In case the product formula gives the skin around the nails a burning sensation, wash them immediately. Apply a moisturizer around the nails before applying the toner to protect the skin from damage. Prolonged use of hardeners can make the nails fragile and brittle.

Spoon nails: causes, treatment and prevention

The formaldehyde in the formula can also dry the nails. Avoid products containing this ingredient when you have nails. If you notice any side effects in the preparation, stop using it immediately.

Read customer reviews before buying a product because another user can give real advice on product performance.
Regular use of hand lotions and nail oils protects and strengthens the nails by stimulating blood circulation. Working with sunscreen in the sunlight also has a significant impact on nail health.


Nail hardeners are widely used on the market for the treatment of brittle and brittle nails. All these products are specially designed to offer you long and resistant nails with a professional finish. The Buying Guide can help you choose the best products for your nails according to your needs and budget.

Purchase criteria: Based on these factors, you can compare and evaluate the range of the best nail hardener.

In the following, we’ll show you what criteria you can use to compare and evaluate nail hardeners. This makes it easier for you to get an overview and choose the best nail hardener.

In summary, this is:

  • Formaldehyde content
  • Quantity
  • Color
  • Shine
  • Use as a base coat
  • Durability
  • Drying time
  • Additional packaging

In the following, you can read what the various criteria consist of and learn why it makes sense to acquire a nail hardener in aspects or not.

Formaldehyde content

We have already pointed out the dangers of this active ingredient in the decision segment, where the different forms of nail hardener are registered. You will get a description detailed from the dangers below, where you’ll find some interesting facts about nails and nail hardeners.

If you tend to have sensitive skin, then the product could deploy its potential side effects in one application. Note that if the fixture hardens your nails, it can dry out and irritate your cuticles and nails at the same time.

If the effects of such use are too risky for you, you should avoid products containing formaldehyde. Some nail hardener manufacturers deliberately avoid the controversial active ingredient and use alternative nutrients for their products.


As a result, a bottle may contain less or more than1 milliliters. This is relevant to knowing how much you are willing to pay for what amount.

The cost of purchasing nail products varies. In particular because of the amount of liquid with which the manufacturer fills the bottles. But some products with less content are more expensive than nail hardeners with more content.

So you have to choose if you want to choose a certain supplier or if the supplier plays a minor role for you. Some manufacturers offer fairly small bottles, but offset by a quick and lasting effect.

You have to choose between a fast and effective nail hardener with very little content and a nail hardener that you can use for a longer period of time, but which can just work after a longer period of use.


Most nail hardeners are fairly easy to spot. However, a distinction is made between fully transparent varnishes and varnishes that give off a light shade.

Colored products are generally available in shades naked, beige and pink. Thus, the nails also seem maintained and catch the eye. There are also colored varnishes that completely cover the nail, which should harden the nail further.

If you want to use the best nail hardener as a base coat and then want to varnish your nails with a color varnish of your choice, we recommend a nail hardener that leaves a clear conclusion. Otherwise, the end result would become discolored. The same goes if you want to use the nail hardener as a top coat.


Many girls like their nails to shine beautifully. But there are also people who don’t like their nails attracting the attention of others. Matt varnishes are therefore suitable for men or people dissatisfied with their nails.

There are different offers for gloss varnishes. But there are also treatments for nails which penetrate directly into the nail and which, after application, “disappear”Almost immediately. People with nail biting problems often feel uncomfortable when others look at their nails.

Use as a base coat

The deciding factor here is whether the product should be used as a remedy or whether a manicure command is adequate. On the one hand, there are products that dry and matt the nail and therefore are not suitable as a base coat. On the other hand, many nail polishes need to be removed from the nails every other day by treatment with a solvent.

Here you have to ask yourself if you want to use a color varnish in addition to the treatment or if you want to do without color varnish for a few weeks and take care of your nails intensively with the best nail hardener. But there is also a wide range of nail hardeners that can be safely used as a base coat.

Durability on nails

The best nail hardener, which is used as a base coat, often extends the durability of the top layer of nail polish. The advantage is that it not only protects the nail against discoloration, but also prolongs the life of the color varnish.

However, some nail hardeners also have the opposite effect and can flake off relatively quickly, so that the real effect of nail hardening is again absent.

The durability of these products is not easy to determine, as it is generally a subjective perception. Reviews and experiences from consumers who have already thoroughly analyzed the various products are particularly useful.

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Drying time

The best quick-drying nail hardener speaks for itself. Those who prefer a quick fix should consider the nail hardeners that penetrate the nail and avoid varnish over time. But there are also varnishes that dry after a few minutes.

A quick-drying hardener in the form of nail polish is a real versatile product. Because it is easy to use, protects the nail from discoloration, hardens the nail plate and provides a shiny appearance. It therefore performs more functions than expected.

Additional packaging

The packaging serves to protect the product on the one hand and to improve the general appearance of the best nail hardener on the other. Hardeners purchased online are generally not only delivered in glass bottles, but are also packaged.

The extra package almost always contains a note about the potential side effects and the ingredients contained therein. The most important warnings and instructions for use should also be disclosed.


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