ᐅ The best manicure kit in 2020!

ᐅ The best manicure kit in 2020!

The best manicure kit in 2020 – test summary, comparison and buying tips

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A summary of reviews of the best manicure kit by respected magazines with the different winners, as well as information, buying tips, comparisons and more to help you find the perfect item for your needs.

A manicure kit is super handy, so you can have all the important nail care utensils together and take them with you wherever you go. Because intelligent foot and nail care is highly valued.

So, it is all the more important that you perform a regular manicure and pedicure, in which the best nail care kit contains all the important tools. Finding the best manicure kit is usually much more difficult than you initially thought, as there are different features, different sizes and also quality gaps.

In this article we want to show you what to know when buying the best manicure kit and what questions may arise (to which we will of course respond!). Using our information, we invite you to discover the manicure kit of your choice.

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What is the best manicure kit?

The tools provided are stored in a case which is held with a zipper, a Velcro strap or a snap button. Nail care kits contain holders for individual products so they don’t slide inside.

What kits are available?

The nail cases are available in different models. They can be classic, elegant or fun. The advantage of leather is that it is wear-resistant, has a long service life and can be simply washed. This is why a leather case is ideal once you take it with you.

Among the leather variants, you will often see cow hides. It’s very classic especially in black or brown. Since leather is an expensive material, it also happens in practice that certain cases are treated with imitation leather.

Chemically, these materials have for the most part the same robust properties as leather and it is difficult to distinguish them visibly. This makes imitation leather an excellent choice and at the same time a β€œanimal-lovingβ€œ.

Cowhide manicure kits are particularly cuddly and unusual. They are very soft to the touch, exist in different colors and are rather unusual. A cow leather case is therefore generally a real eye-catcher for nail care products!

The last variant from which the cases are also made is the fabric in a simple arrangement. Next to the appearance, there are cases of narrow and flat shape. A case is usually only opened once and the two sides are connected by a zipper or a push button.

What does the best manicure kit contain?

What exactly should be included in the best manicure kit depends on your ideas and wishes. Nevertheless, there are some standard tools that we want to present to you, as they are essential for regular nail care. This is one of the most important tools, because it must be sharp, so that your nails can be cut neatly.

  • A nail clipper: the nail clipper does not replace nail scissors, but is considered an additional instrument. A nail clipper is ideal for toenails because it can put more pressure on thicker nails than nail scissors.
  • Most arrows have two sides: one is extremely fine and the other slightly coarser.
  • Tweezers: some sets also contain a pair of tweezers which are ideal for removing skin chips or removing small hairs. Make sure that the tweezers have an excellent grip and that they fit perfectly on each other on one side.

A double instrument is characterized by a pointed side and a side which resembles a shovel. You don’t have to panic now if one of these products is not included in your wishes. It is simply a guide based on experience.

Where should I buy the best manicure kit?

It’s good that you can opt to buy a nail manicure kit. However, in order for you to start looking for a suitable set, you will need to know where to look for it and where it is recommended to buy a nail care set.

The two most common choices are online or retail or store purchase. We want to show you these two choices and their benefits.

If you go to a pharmacy or a store that offers nail care kits, then it is an advantage that you can talk to an employee.

He can advise you personally, show you the products they offer and which are recommendable for you. But it’s also a huge drawback, because you risk getting a kit imposed at a price sometimes exorbitant.

On the web, on the other hand, you have a huge choice, because there are different suppliers and manufacturers are numerous. Very useful if you don’t have a store nearby.

In addition, you can read reviews from other buyers directly online and find out if it is a recommendable product. A point of sale employee can only provide you with information about sales figures, but not the opinions of others.

But a small advantage in retail is that you can take the product directly with you. Online, you have to wait a few business days for the best preferred manicure kit to arrive at your home. But you can still find cheaper prices and make a simpler price comparison.

In retail, you will simply find the prices that the store charges as it pleases. However, it may very well be that the same product is on sale in another store and is cheaper there, but going in search of the cheaper product may save you a lot of time, energy and money ( transport, etc.).

Our top 5 of the best manicure kits in 2020:

Purchase criteria: Based on these factors, you can compare and evaluate the range of the best manicure kit.

Here we want to show you what features you can use to get the perfect product and what you need to pay attention to when purchasing. Not all features are just good or bad – it depends on what suits your needs.

The important factors are:

  • Type
  • Lime
  • Operating mode
  • Speed
  • Direction
  • Accessories
  • Integrated lighting
  • Storage box
  • Convenience

In what follows, we will explain the different points to help you in your choice.


Basically, there are different types of manual and electric nail care. Manual nail care kits work without the aid of an electrical appliance and usually include equipment classic nail care, such as files and scissors.

In addition, there is usually a trimmer and tools to regrow and / or remove the cuticle. They are often made of metal. This is effective, but sliders often have sharp edges that can easily scratch the nail.

The types of electric nail care, on the other hand, are particularly versatile and resemble the equipment often seen in professional studios.


The attached file is generally a sapphire file, the sides of which must have different particle sizes, one side β€œcoarse”And one sideβ€œpleasantβ€œ. You can use the coarse side to shorten, then use the fine side to compensate for any unevenness.

Depending on the quality, the sheet of the sapphire nail file is more or less elastic. An inflexible blade is much better suited to exerting uniform pressure during filing. There are usually also two unique sides.

The advantage of the glass file is its durability: it’s much more durable, so it doesn’t blunt so quickly. In addition, the grinding surface of glass files is much more pleasant, which prevents microcracks in the nail.

Cleaning a glass file is easier and more complete because it can be rinsed with water or treated with a disinfectant. Because of its hardness, it cannot be bent because the glass has been specially treated, it does not break and does not break.

Files can not only be made from different materials, but they can also have different shapes.

Operating mode

One of the benefits of devices with rechargeable batteries or batteries would be the ability to take the device with you and easily use it on the go. However, you should always make sure that you charge the batteries on time or take spare batteries with you.

If you’re plugged in, you need to find a power outlet – you can’t use the tool on the go without a power source. Often, however, the performance of an AC powered version is best.

There are also devices that have an additional button to adjust the energy source and therefore, for example, the speed. But to set the greatest power, a little practice is necessary.


The ability to adjust and vary the speed is an important condition for precise and careful work. This is particularly advantageous for inexperienced users.

There is one continuous adjustment or several fixed measurements, which can usually be adjusted at the touch of a button or a slide control.


This option is not absolutely necessary to obtain a good end result. But it helps optimize, for example, polishing or smoothing the nail surface, as this ensures greater uniformity.


The size, material and grain size of accessories for electrical care collections vary depending on the purpose for which they are intended.
There are accessories for removing the cornea and cuticles, for shortening and grinding or for milling the surface. In this range, too, they differ in the power of the granulation.

Depending on your wishes and the intended use, you may have a greater demand for accessories. If, for example, you intend to mill gel nails, you should of course make sure that the fasteners are suitable. If the supplied accessories are no longer suitable for you, additional accessories can be purchased from many manufacturers.

Integrated lighting

Some sets of electric nails are equipped with a small light LED above the accessory. This is to clarify the nail throughout the procedure.

On simple models, the light LED is relatively small, so that with the dust created during milling / filing, the nail is still not as visible. In addition, on some versions, the LED is also positioned sub-optimally, which explains why not the nail, but for example the finger is lit above it.

Overall, it seems easier to work in a room where the lighting conditions are good enough. In addition, many professional devices do not have built-in lighting.

Storage box

Manual cases are usually packaged in a pencil case, which can be in leather, in leatherette or in tissue. The electric nail care kits are delivered with the accessories and accessories in small suitcases or boxes.

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Some electric nail care kits are also suitable for gel nails. They can be shaped by the cutter or removed by removal.

Please note that artificial nails are less flexible and harder than natural nails. Therefore, the best electric manicure kit requires a higher corresponding power and preferably also a higher speed to facilitate the work.

For some devices, a special attachment is already contained, on others, you can re-order it without any problem. Some accessories are also included for working with artificial nails without being specially made for this purpose.

The fine dust generated when milling artificial nails is not good for long-term health. Therefore, if possible, a protective device (such as a vacuum cleaner or respiratory protection device) should be used.

Diabetics are advised not to shorten with scissors in order to avoid acute inflammation. Instruments such as nail files are suggested instead.

The material used also plays a role. The deciding factor is whether bacteria can settle there and whether the tool can be completely cleaned. For all these reasons, manual nail care sets are just recommended with a limited scope for diabetics.


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