ᐅ The best lipstick in 2020!

ᐅ The best lipstick in 2020!

The best lipstick in 2020 – test summary, comparison and buying tips

You will find here:

A summary of reviews of the best lipstick by respected magazines with the different winners, as well as information, buying tips, comparisons and more to help you find the perfect item for your needs.

For girls, lipstick is an essential cosmetic product that colors the lips. Some of these utensils were developed for special occasions like carnival: in this case, children and men also use lipstick. In general, however, the lipsticks in the evaluation comparison are cosmetic models for women.

Depending on the type of lipstick, the product may include a rotating rod and a protective cap or some sort of brush in a paint can.

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How does the best lipstick work?

Painting the lips sounds simple, but there are a lot more steps you can take to properly use lipstick. With the ideal technique, you can create a sensual or serious look. It’s not just the color of the lipstick that plays a role. How the color accents are set also determines the impression.

In addition, many lipsticks in the 2020 test are not only for decorative purposes, but also to serve as lip care. Depending on the composition of the components, the color may appear full or give the lips a silky appearance. Some lipsticks provide thin skin on the lips extra hydration, others give it a beautiful shine.

The best lipstick stays on the lips for a long time without leaving marks on a glass once the girls drink something. Contemporary lipsticks have special properties for this function. These prevent color from liquefying or crumb formation. After all, girls want to feel as safe as possible and be perfect with the best lipstick.

Benefits and areas of application

Compared to previous lipsticks, which often contained paraffins, there are today many products from certified natural cosmetics. Users don’t have to worry about hormonal results. Since much of this lipstick ends up in the body through the lips, manufacturers have been paying more attention to the use of harmless substances for some time now.

However, it may happen that one of the winners of the lipstick evaluation contains perfumes that trigger an allergy. However, manufacturers are required to to declare in detail the important allergenic ingredients. A simple labeling such as cologne is not enough. So customers can immediately see which lipsticks are right for them and whether they should expect irritation.

These items require only a small amount of space in the handbag and are part of their standard equipment. A glance in the mirror is enough for experienced girls to follow their lips in classic red, bright orange or delicate rosΓ©.

The best lipstick makes the lip shapes lighter, emphasizing the feminine charisma. At the same time, the lipstick gives the impression that the mouth is well maintained.

Ladies have a lot of fun choosing a shade suitable for different outfits and occasions. The color of the best lipstick should also match the skin tone. The quality of the lipsticks in the test can be found by the durability of the color.

While cheaper lipsticks need to be applied more often because they are not as durable, the evaluation winners are characterized by great durability. They end up being waterproof and do not dissolve when consuming food and drink.

They don’t stain anything and don’t leave no trace of lipstick on the cup or glass. Total lips are considered feminine and attractive. With the best lipstick, girls can help a little and make their lip area wider. It goes well with a festive appearance, but can also put a sure and sensual accent in everyday life.

Our top 5 best lipsticks in 2020:

What are the types of lipsticks?

The assessment focuses mainly on classic lipsticks. The arrangement allows a targeted and gentle application of a color. Compared to other variations like lip gloss and pencil, the best classic lipstick is pretty much the medium term. It is easy to apply and, thanks to its quality, it turns out to be very durable. If necessary, it can be supplemented by the Lipliner, which further increases its durability.

Lip gloss is distinguished by its liquid consistency, which makes it necessary to apply it using an applicator. The substance sparkles easily and gives a beautiful shine on the lips. Thanks to its fine texture, the gloss does not last as long as other lipsticks.

Depending on your personal taste, the gloss is suitable for beautifying unpainted lips or for rounding off a real lipstick. If the woman is using the gloss as a finish, it should be the same color as the lipstick or transparent.

The eyebrow pencil or shaped pencil is designed for a perfect lip edge. Sometimes it’s also used to color lips. Compared to other forms of lipsticks, the color of the lip lining is particularly intense. In addition, the lining of the lip is particularly durable.

The differences between the lipsticks in the evaluation comparison can be seen, among other things, in the components. While conventional lipsticks contain mineral oils that guarantee a long shelf life, contemporary natural decorative lipsticks use harmless substances.

Girls who often use lipstick should keep in mind that mineral oils and other ingredients can cause certain health problems. The concentration in the lipsticks analyzed is rather low and therefore not very dangerous, but care must be taken to ensure that the quantities of harmful substances used are as low as possible.

The products examined during the test of the best lipstick are based on legal guidelines and thus respect the limits of authorized substances. As a safety measure, more and more women are turning to natural lipsticks, which do not use mineral oils or other potentially dangerous substances.

The benefits of high quality lipsticks:

  • Dry lips get the necessary hydration
  • The lips are fuller and more feminine

The disadvantages of lipstick:

  • Over time, a relatively large percentage is absorbed into the body through the mouth
  • Depending on the makeup, the lips can dry out with regular use

Here’s how lipsticks are analyzed

In order to understand which lipstick in the assessment is suitable for your individual needs, you need to carefully consider the ingredients and also choose the colors.

These include special properties such as the behavior of the lipstick during application, but also the intensity of the color which influences the popularity of the products. The criteria mentioned here must be met when it comes to finding a lipstick simple, harmonious and feeding.

Nourishing ingredients

Many of today’s beauty products focus not only on beauty, but also on protecting stressed skin. This is the reason why many manufacturers have developed lipsticks that have a pleasant effect.

In this way, the crayons provide a lot of moisture without altering their long-lasting properties. The Vitamin E and other ingredients also help nourish and protect lips UV.

Substances of concern

Although some makeup products have an optimal shelf life, industrially produced mineral oils are used to create this positive property. People who have reservations about using such products containing mineral oil should opt for natural cosmetics instead.

In fact, some of the very questionable ingredients may be causing skin problems. Some girls are a little more sensitive than others, so choosing the best lipstick is sometimes linked to tolerance. Women should also be careful not to use too many makeup products containing substances of concern.

The brilliant effect

The best lipstick can shine or appear mat. The version you choose is first a matter of taste, but sometimes it also depends on the current situation. At a party, girls are usually a little more courageous and like to use a bright lipstick, but in everyday life, matt colors are often preferred.

Whether it is shiny or matte lipstick it can also be related to the shape of their lips. Narrow lips look fuller with a shiny color and the sparkling effect can also hide dry lips.


The majority of the evaluation comparison lipsticks have a waxy consistency. When applied to the lips, the colors stick to the skin. However, it should not crumble, otherwise it will not hold properly. However, the consistency should not be too liquid, otherwise the forms may leak.

Here it is important to find the perfect balance so that the color has the desired firmness and durability, on the one hand, and is not perceived as disturbing, on the other.

Purchase criteria: Based on these factors, you can compare and evaluate the range of the best lipstick.

In the following, we will show you what factors you can use to compare and evaluate lipsticks. This will make it easier for you to determine whether a certain model is right for you or not.

In a word, this is it:

  • Color
  • Mineral oils and / or other harmful substances
  • Care ingredients
  • Vegan
  • The duration of the conversation


Whether it’s a pale pink, cool blue or a shade of bright berries – with the best lipstick, everyone will definitely find their personal favorite color!

As already mentioned in the analysis, there are every year and often even seasonally, certain colors that are extremely fashionable. In autumn / winter, depending on the weather, fresher shades are often used, since a soft or almost colored color would often be out of place.

Exactly the reverse applies to the hottest months when there is no lipstick “too colorful” at all. But it is not only because of a fashion or a season that colors are so important, because the question that you should rather ask yourself is: β€œWhat do I want to achieve with the best lipstick ?

Do you want to please your swarm, get attention at a party, express your mood because it fits your outfit or just because you just want it?

Mineral oils and / or other harmful substances

β€œWho wants to be beautiful must endure?” But unfortunately, there is today in lipsticks, but also in many other cosmetic articles, too many components that have nothing to do with it.

You, we and others, in fact, need to pay more attention to what’s in a product and not be dazzled by its outward appearance, because it also works without harmful ingredients!

Mineral oil, for example, can be used in the cosmetics sector because it is particularly affordable and durable, but it is made up of two fractions which present distinct health risks: MOSH ((saturated mineral oil) are not as risky as MOAH ((mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons) which have subsequently been classified as potentially carcinogenic.

Often, however, it is not directly said that it is a mineral oil, but rather other names are used: Cera Microcristallina, Ceresin, Mineral oil, Ozokerite, Paraffin, Paraffin, Paraffinum Liquidum, Petrolatum – avoid these substances!

Care ingredients

The best lipstick does not only have negative sides, on the contrary, it can take care of your lips gently and delicately. Substances such as hyaluronic acid, ceramides, panthenol, aloe vera, jojoba oil or shea butter hydrate and nourish your lips at the same time exactly.

Because these ingredients are not necessarily bad, because they take care of your lips, but if possible, you should just use lipsticks that consist of substances as natural as possible. So invest a little more money in a lipstick that is tested and perhaps even comes from a natural decorative brand.


The vegan lifestyle is very popular right now, but many don’t even know that a lot of lipsticks contain animal ingredients, so it’s important for me to explain this point in more detail.

The animal components are for example:

  • Beeswax : Frequently known as β€œwax”
  • Hyaluronic acid : Originally derived from rooster scales, but today it is almost exclusively produced by biotechnology

These substances are out of the question for men and women who have dedicated themselves to a vegan lifestyle, but that doesn’t automatically mean that all of these substances are bad. If it’s important to you personally and if you want to pay attention, it’s your decision. Vegan is great, but it doesn’t have to be.

The duration of the conversation

The best lipstick is simply beautiful is simply futile. In order for the durability of a lipstick not to be impaired, it should in any case be stored in a cool and dark place. In addition, the best lipstick should – if possible – be applied with a brush to prevent the transfer of bacteria, which prolongs the shelf life.

To make a lipstick hold better in your lips, I advise you to buy a product that also guarantees long-lasting wear. This is usually already marked on the packaging, otherwise you can train yourself on the net. But after eating or drinking, you should still reapply it or just look in the mirror to be sure.

How is the best lipstick made and what are its ingredients?

In a few measures, the basic substances, lanolin, bees and carnauba wax are transformed into a scented colored mass which is first melted, then transformed into hundreds of lipsticks.

Of the Vitamin E is specifically added to prevent mass from oxidizing. The liquid mass is poured into molds, cooled and then turned over.

Finally, the final surface is treated with silicone so that the best lipstick is more shiny. Aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil and shea butter are other ingredients that mainly have a healing effect.

A moot point is that lipsticks can be tested on animals. It is up to each individual to decide to what extent he wishes to learn about this subject or to what extent he wishes to “serve” this service as a client. But there is one thing you should always remember: Think before you buy!

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How long has lipstick been around?

Lipstick roots go back a year 3500 BC AD, when some sort of lip ointment was discovered. In the years that followed, lipstick was taboo in the ancient Greece and prostitutes wore only lipstick, but in the Ancient japan, it was kind of a duty to put on makeup and wear lipstick. Until today, lipstick has always been a topic of conversation.

The year 1838 is probably considered to be the year of lipstick today. At that time, a French perfumer presented his creation wrapped in tissue paper and made from beeswax, dyed castor oil and deer tallow at an exhibition. At first, however, he met with little enthusiasm because the new product was very expensive.

Sarah Bernhardt, a French actress, made the lipstick famous and sought after by wearing red lips during a show. For years 1920, lipstick has seen a boom that continues today and, in the meantime, it is a classic without which nothing can work.


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