ᐅ The best facial cleansing brush in 2020!

ᐅ The best facial cleansing brush in 2020!

The best facial cleansing brush in 2020 – test summary, comparison and buying tips

You will find here:

A summary of the reviews of the best facial cleansing brush by respected magazines with the different winners, as well as information, buying tips, comparisons and more to help you find the perfect item for your needs .

If you want to make it very easy, you can choose a brush that is guided on your face all in the hand. The downside of the best facial cleansing brush is that the bristles do not rotate and therefore the cleansing is not as thorough.

Then there are the electric face cleaning brushes. There are still some differences. Depending on the desired effect and the cleaning speed required, different types of devices can be intriguing.

In this analysis, we have assembled the range of the best facial cleansing brush. Several models exist. You must discover them!

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What is the best facial cleansing brush?

The best facial cleansing brush is a small brush with bristles sweet are ideal for cleaning facial skin. Based on the design, the facial brush can be directed by hand or electrically inside the facial skin.

Face brushes enhance the impact of the applied wash gel and deeply cleanse the skin at the pores. This effectively removes makeup residue, sebum deposits and dead skin cells. Surface cleaning methods do not remove impurities or pore deposits.

Depending on the sensitivity, the best facial cleansing brush can be used daily or only Once per week. The blood circulation of the skin is favored by the application of the facial cleansing brush and thus better supplied with nutrients.

How is it used?

In general, the best facial cleansing brush should not be used too often. The duration of application should also be short. Electric facial cleansing brushes usually have a timer that cleans the face by less than a minute. Despite the manual brushing, this time should not be significantly exceeded.

The face moistened with water is lightly cleaned. A gentle cleansing gel or cleansing cream supports the impact of the brush. It is ideal for treating the forehead, then the nose and chin and finally the lips. Thus, each part of the skin is cleaned. The brush should not be used with too much pressure.

The skin should not be injured during cleansing, but just be lightly massaged. Oscillating movements and a slight vibratory pressure require a little practice, but are very effective. Electric models perform ideal movements independently and just hold them against your skin.

What are the differences between the versions?

Best Manual Face Wash Brush

Here, the application requires a little practice and endurance, so that the result is satisfactory. Perfect pressure is particularly important with this variant. If the brush is aimed too gently, there are absolutely no results to mention.

Too much tension, on the other hand, can irritate the skin. This is the reason why the majority of manual facial cleaning brushes have soft bristles. The advantage of these models, however, is the low price purchasing and lack of energy.

Best Electric Face Wash Brush

In general, a cordless face cleaning brush is more convenient to use because it is easier to circulate on the face. According to the manufacturer, the devices are equipped with a timer and warning signals when the pressure is too high. Different accessories allow you to adapt the brush exactly to your skin type.

Whether it’s skins dry or oily or mixed, there is a perfect accessory for each skin type. The movements of the electric brushes allow more thorough cleaning than a manual brush. The application is extremely easy because the timer sets the time for each part of the face.

Our top 5 best facial cleansing brushes in 2020:

Best Ultrasonic Face Wash Brush

Ultrasound models, on the other hand, rotate with beautiful micro-movements and are particularly gentle on the skin. With such a brush, the device takes care of all the cleaning, the user only has to hold the facial cleaning device against the skin.

Where can I buy the best facial cleansing brush?

You can buy the best facial cleansing brush anywhere in department stores, electronics stores, and even perfume stores. Also in all online stores and of course on Amazon.fr.

Who are the manufacturers of the best facial cleansing brush?

Renowned brand manufacturers such as Braun Facespa, Philips Visapure, Butter, Remington, Silk’n, Foreo, LR Zeitgard, Olaz Regenerist or Clarisonic provide these devices. Here, the comparison is gratifying!

What are the criteria to take into account when buying?

If you choose an electric cleaning brush or an ultrasonic device, it is important to consider whether it makes more sense to use the battery.

Charging times and lifespan are also important, and depend on the user. There are big differences. Those who travel frequently need a brush with a long battery life.

Your skin type is obviously also an important selection criterion. If there is no accessory suitable for your skin type, additional costs may arise.

In general, cost is also something that must be carefully considered before purchasing. The prices for the replacement brushes must also be taken into account.

What are the cleaning modes?

Depending on the design, the brushes can vibrate, rotate or oscillate. Here too, it is important to make a wise choice. The oscillating brushes swing back and forth on the skin and therefore cleanse much more gently and deeply. The audio frequency is sufficient to cleanse the skin without tearing it off. However, this oscillation technique can irritate very sensitive skin.

Oscillating brushes, on the other hand, allow the skin of the face to vibrate slightly without transferring it unnecessarily. In most cases, facial cleansing brushes have three levels speed with which the application can be adjusted even more precisely in the skin.

Which brushes are differentiated?

Many facial cleansing brushes currently in use include three heads of different brushes. A brush is for normal skin, one for particularly sensitive areas and a massage accessory or a brush for massaging sensitive areas of the skin.

When using it, everyone should trust their own skin feeling and choose the perfect accessory. The skin reacts very individually and that is why it is wise to start with the sensitive brush accessory. In this way, it is possible to determine whether the skin can tolerate more intensive treatment without being damaged.

As men’s skin is thicker, the hairs must do much better. For example, there are hair heads as a preparation for shaving or also for skin care under the beard.

For hygienic reasons, it is advisable to replace regularly brush heads with a spare brush. Often, special accessories adapted to the needs are also offered. There is also a particularly soft brush head that removes makeup, like a cotton pad and an accessory for washing gel.

Facial cleansing alone – a necessity for an even complexion

A uniform complexion remains one of the criteria associated with beauty. No wonder many girls want to have an even skin tone.

The face should be thoroughly cleaned of makeup and dirt every night. When this does not happen, skincare products cannot penetrate the skin well and have their effect.

But also improper or too regular cleaning damages the skin of the face in the long term. Make-up, especially around the eyes, should therefore be completely and slightly removed daily.

What to do in case of impure skin?

Girls with impure skin often think that they don’t clean their faces regularly and thoroughly. Unfortunately, this is all too often an error in judgment and it has exactly the opposite effect. The skin is even more stressed by the products and is desperately trying to rebuild its own film hydrolipidic protective.

So, if you are fighting with impure skin, you should use particularly mild cleansers. Alcohol-containing and scented products should not be used to avoid skin irritation.

In addition, it is important to allow the cleaning products to work well so that they can deploy their effect. It is also important to wash the products well afterwards. After all, cleansers remove bacteria and dirt, and if they stay on the skin, they also contain foreign bodies.

Treatments according to skin type

The products used must all be suitable for your skin type as a cleansing milk face cream. This is the only way to give the skin the greatest care possible. Because each type differs and requires special attention.

If you are unsure of your skin type, you can visit a beauty salon, have a test, and get detailed advice. Even a fantastic dermatologist can tell exactly which products are suitable for whom.

What can the best facial cleansing brush really do?

In general, however, it must be said that normal facial skin does not need this care. Soap and water or a microfiber cloth and toilet milk are sufficient for complete hygiene. But if you have very oily skin that will have blackheads, you will definitely like the cleansing effect.

In fact, cleansing with the best facial cleansing brush is extremely pleasant and the blood circulation of the skin is improved. At least when it comes to cleansing and a pale complexion, the manufacturers are right. But the pores are not reduced in size. This result is purely optical, because the cleaning of the skin is cleaner and the appearance of the skin is a little more pleasant.

The BRAUN Face 810 contains not only a facial cleaning brush, but also an epilator. This removes bothersome facial hair and you can also use the facial epilator to depilate other parts of the body.

The device is waterproof and can also be used in the shower. Very practical for electric face cleaning brushes found at Amazon.in.

Purchase criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate facial cleansing brushes.

To facilitate your choice when purchasing a facial cleansing brush, we have saved some important criteria for your purchase here:

These criteria are summarized below:

  • Skin type
  • Sensitive skin / impure skin
  • Timer
  • Number of brush accessories
  • Sealing
  • Food

In the following paragraphs, we will explain what is particularly important with these criteria.

Skin type

One of the most important criteria when buying the best facial cleansing brush is skin type. It is therefore extremely important to check your skin type before purchasing. Depending on your skin type, other brush accessories are ideal for you. In all cases, they must be adapted to the needs of your skin.

Many manufacturers offer special brushes for different skin types.

Sensitive skin / impure skin

In case of skin problems or skin diseases, you should refrain from using a facial cleansing brush.

Intensity levels

When you have purchased an electronic facial cleansing brush, this standard may be important to you.

Facial cleansing brushes generally have more than one level intensity. There are facial cleansing brushes with approximately 12 levels of different speed.

The different intensity levels allow you to adjust the treatments individually and make cleaning more varied. A facial cleansing brush does not necessarily require more than one level of intensity. If one level of speed is enough for you, it doesn’t matter. Before purchasing, you should ask yourself if you want to have multiple intensity levels.


This criterion also only applies to you if you buy an electric brush for facial cleansing. Face brushes with timer function help you to completely cleanse your skin. This automatically stops the cleansing process after each area of ​​the face and tells you how long you need to cleanse one area before moving on to the next.

Number of brush accessories

Facial cleansing brushes can not only cleanse the face, but also have other purposes. Different brush accessories can adapt to and maintain your skin type better. The duration and the hardness of the bristles of the fasteners differ.

Some facial cleansing brushes have not only bristle attachments, but also massage or peel attachments. The number of brush accessories is an important decision criterion when purchasing the best electric face wash brush.

Are there any other parts included with the purchase? Can new parts be purchased later?

Several accessories for brushes are not essential. If you know the requirements of your skin, you can buy a facial cleansing brush with a matching accessory. In specialist stores and especially on the web, everything is available separately.

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Facial Cleansing Brush,Silicone Face Brush, Waterproof Electric Face Cleanser and Massager Brush for All Skin

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The best facial cleansing brush is always used with water. Therefore, it is extremely important that your product is waterproof. Waterproof facial cleaning brushes can also be used in the shower and you don’t have to think about it.

A waterproof brush is also best for cleaning brush accessories. Since the accessory must be rinsed after each use, you should be careful. A waterproof brush makes cleaning easier.


The best electric face cleaning brush is powered by electricity. Since the face cleaning brush is only used for a short time, you shouldn’t have any problems with too short an operating time.

When replacing the battery is boring for you, you better get a face wash brush powered by drums.

Battery operated facial cleansing brushes usually last 30 minutes. After that, they will need to be recharged. If you don’t want to waste charging time, it’s best to use a battery-powered face wash brush because of this.


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