ᐅ The best eyebrow pencil in 2020!

ᐅ The best eyebrow pencil in 2020!

The best eyebrow pencil in 2020 – test summary, comparison and buying tips

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A summary of reviews of the best eyebrow pencil by respected magazines with the different winners, as well as information, buying tips, comparisons and more to help you find the perfect article for your needs.

The trend of the eyebrows that frame our face is natural and complete. Since the eyebrows can completely change the expression of the face, it is important to shape them properly and enhance them.

With the best eyebrow pencil, you can perfectly define them, correct their shape and tighten them to give them a longer expression. Before you start, you need to locate the ideal shape for your eyebrows.

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How to locate the perfect shape of my eyebrows?

Use the best brow pencil as a rule. It is placed on the nostril, directed upwards beyond the inner corner of the eye. Here is the starting point for the eyebrow. Then you measure the maximum tip of the eyebrow, from the nostril inside upwards. The end point is the line from the nostril to the outer corner of the eye.

Any excess hair should be removed with tweezers in the direction of expansion. You can also use your front templates, which you can buy in pharmacy and online. If in doubt, let a trusted professional take care of your eyebrows for the first time and try to remove the hair that grows every other day.

What color matches my eyes?

The blue eyes seem quite hard with black eyebrows, a light brown makes them shine. The same goes for green eyes, ideally a brown with a small olive flap.

How to use the best eyebrow pencil correctly?

Do not paint the eyebrows on a large surface or the borders, it is completely artificial. Ideally, brush your eyebrows, decide if there are any gaps to fill in, and then use the pencil to make small individual strokes with the brow hairs. And if you are still not satisfied with the result of the best eyebrow pencil, try the eyebrow powder!

Purchase criteria: You can compare and evaluate eyebrow pencils based on the following factors

In the next section, we will show you the aspects that you can choose from the large number of eyebrow pencils.

  • Precision
  • Ingredients
  • Properties

In the following paragraphs we will explain what is important with all the individual criteria.


Different types of eyebrows also play an important role in precision. With conventional eyebrow pencils, it is likely to work precisely at first, but with all the wear and tear of the mine, it is no longer guaranteed.

In addition, hard refills are difficult to apply, so applications with a creamy consistency are better. Eyebrow pencils with a beveled lead are no longer sharp enough to draw fine lines after certain applications. On the other hand, felt tip brow pencils are particularly specific, but are not not very colorful.

The best eyebrow pencil should also be as soft as possible for precise work, because on the one hand a hard pencil can be unpleasant to apply and on the other hand irritate the skin. It takes training to apply cleanly and precisely.


Also in eyebrow pencils, sometimes critical ingredients are present as in other beauty products. Because of their effect estrogenic, they are criticized because the hormonal balance can be affected by accumulation in the human body. So we suggest you buy eyebrow pencils without parabens.

Other ingredients that should be avoided on your eyebrow pencil are mineral oils as they can decrease the loss of skin water. The skin cannot breathe under the color, which slows down natural regeneration.


Besides precision and components, properties such as water resistance and hardness of the best eyebrow pencil also play an important role. In addition, it should provide more shape, quantity of eyebrows and a discreet color.

The best eyebrow pencil should above all be waterproof, because eyebrow makeup can run fast. The hard pencil can give small colors and a pencil that is too soft can paint dark bars at best.

Our top 5 best eyebrow pencils in 2020:

What are the tips and tricks for using the best eyebrow pencil?

If you are thinking of removing makeup from your forehead, we have the answer for you. You can remove your eyebrows with any commercially available facial cleanser. Basically, eyebrow pencils are easy to remove.

We will list all the aids you want to make up your eyebrows again: tweezers, mirror

Another suggestion is that you can get a perfect finish with a corrector and Highlighter. Once you are done making your eyebrows up, you can use the concealer to cover uneven areas such as reddish spots or small spots all around the forehead.

With the highlighter, you accentuate the eyebrow. You apply the highlighter, using a fine brush under the eyebrows and above the maximum tip of the eyebrows will not be too much.

How can makeup eyebrows last longer?

To extend the life of the best eyebrow pencil, use a clear or colored gel, which looks like a mascara. After applying eyebrow makeup, apply it to correct the color and the eyebrow. If you want a very long life and want to maintain it for several days, then brow products that are abrasive and water resistant will help.

If you have not used gel, then the finished eyebrows need to be repaired so that they keep their beautiful shape much longer and that they do not spread out so easily.

The hair spray and restorative spray are suitable for this purpose, which can be sprayed on a small brush and caressed on the hair.

How can I extend the durability of the best eyebrow pencil?

It often happens that the best eyebrow pencil dries, it doesn’t really emit any color and even breaks … You can just take the pencil and hold it briefly over a flame until it starts to to melt.

Once everything is cool, you can try it carefully. After this process, the front pencil is like new and can be used without any problem.

Using a dried powder, you can press it again using a highly pigmented eyeshadow. It is extremely important to know that you are using pure ethanol or an excellent fixer.

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Is there a difference between pharmaceuticals and luxury goods?

The high-end products are those behind which are the big names and who have established themselves as manufacturers of beauty products.
Manufacturers such as Chanel, EstΓ©e Lauder, L’OrΓ©al and Nars are creating new trends with their forehead products, which mimic smaller and cheaper brands.

Pharmacy products offer essentially the same range. In large part, they are based on trends in the American area.

There are undoubtedly high-end products that produce a superior image at a fair price.

In most cases, however, you are paying for the brand and prestige that is associated with these companies! But many makeup fans agree: Yes, there is a difference, but it is so small that you hardly see it. So normal products (not necessarily luxury) are certainly cheaper but just as effective, if not more.


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