ᐅ The best dermaroller in 2020!

ᐅ The best dermaroller in 2020!

The best dermaroller in 2020 – test summary, comparison and buying tips

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A summary of the tests of the best dermaroller by respected magazines with the different winners, as well as information, buying advice, comparisons and many other items to help you find the ideal article for your needs.

Treatment with the best dermaroller is the new beauty trend for actresses, rich and beautiful. Well, it’s not that new.
We already know the calming effect of acupuncture needles (thousands of needles on the body).

For many years this practice in the United States has been used against aging, unattractive scars and annoying age spots. Stars like Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian swear by it and say they owe their young, radiant skin to needles.

And of course, this popularity has its own justifiable reason. Many other techniques for treating skin problems lead to thinner, more sensitive skin. In addition, the approach is natural, no foreign substance should be injected.

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What is the best dermaroller?

The best dermaroller is a new type of treatment that uses countless, very small needles. These needles rest on small roller coasters. If the dermaroller is pushed onto the skin, tiny wounds on the surface of the skin occur, which initiates the self-healing powers of their epidermis and makes them more receptive to creams and skin care products.

The skin is also reddened after treatment and may even bleed a little. Because of the needles and their number, the treatment is much more effective, but also more painful and above all more expensive.

Numerous scientific evaluations have already confirmed the effectiveness of the dermaroller procedure

How can the best dermaroller work at home?

This causes a skin reaction that stimulates the formation of new skin cells, collagen and hyaluronic acid. This in turn strengthens the connective tissues. Collagen strengthens connective tissue, and hyaluronic acid promotes hydration.

After a short while, the skin becomes thicker and more resistant, and the researchers were able to demonstrate complete restructuring of the skin under the microscope. And unlike other procedures, such as heavy peeling, it can be done without scars or pigmentation.

Let’s take a look at the structure of our skin. The skin is the body’s largest organ. With it we can feel the pain, the hot and the cold and it regulates the body temperature. It also creates a vital barrier between the inside of the body and the outside world.

Roughly speaking, the skin is made up of 3 layers separate with completely different goals. The skin is constantly renewed. Everything takes place in a cycle of about 30 days. If the skin is damaged, other layers of the skin intervene quickly, protect the wound and the production of skin cells is strongly stimulated so that the damage can be repaired as quickly as possible.

There is also a film of water-fat on the skin that forms from the sebaceous glands, keeps the surface of the skin supple and protects the body from attacking bacteria. Under the skin is another layer, the dermis.

This in turn forms the connective tissues with a few different substances and the liquid hyaluron in the form of a gel. Connective tissue stores water and gives our skin a fresh, new look. Basically, there is the undercooked.

Over the years, our skin loses its ability to form collagen and more. The source of hyaluron decreases, the skin dries up, the connective tissue becomes flaccid and, as a result, wrinkles develop.

The small damage that the best dermaroller inflicts on the skin with its many tiny needles means that the cells are stimulated to produce collagen again and that the skin quickly forms new skin cells because the wound must be closed. The skin tissue is then renewed all around, fresh collagen is created and our skin becomes visibly smoother and clearer on the treated area.

But you have to be patient because the whole process takes 6 at 8 weeks.

Our top 5 of the best dermarollers in 2020:

The best dermaroller against scars

If the scars are treated with needles, the fibrocytes migrate to very small perforations and refill the resulting hole. Fibrocytes are part of the connective tissue. Normally, they are at rest, but wake up from sleep after an accident and become fibroplasts by the branch.

These are anabolic cells that produce the fibers of the connective tissue and thus ensure its stability and structure. New blood vessels and new cells form which restore the light scar to its natural color. The scar softens and swells. It takes a lot of endurance here, because the first results can only be obtained after a month or two.

The best dermaroller is ideal for tightening the wrinkled skin around the eyes or mouth, for improving acne scars, for fighting cellulite or age spots) or for tightening stretch marks and sagging connective tissue. It improves the appearance of the skin over time and boosts the immune system.

And another effect can be used in the home application of the best dermaroller: the active ingredients penetrate treated skin much better! If you apply a serum or hyaluronic cream directly after application, the potency increases several times. You should be careful that it does not contain alcohol – it could burn very hard.

Today we are talking about hyaluronic acid all the time. It is an important component of our connective tissues. It holds our entire body – hence its name – and connects muscles with bones. Connective tissue is the frame of the body. Hyaluron is a powerful aqueous binder and is therefore the water reservoir of our skin.

Hyaluronic acid supports the collagen and elastin fibers in the connective tissues and thus ensures that our skin is perfectly firm and smooth. Over the years, the hyaluronic acid in our body decreases more and more and therefore also the elasticity of the skin.

The needles of a dermaroller pierce fine channels in the skin through which Hyaluron or alternative care substances can be better infiltrated. The dead skin scales are loosened and the clogged pores are released. The skin becomes cleaner, pimples and blackheads no longer appear at all.

Advantages of the best dermaroller

  • The immune system is activated
  • The scar tissue is smoothed and the scar color again looks like normal skin. Studies have shown that efficacy is relatively rapid after 1 or 2 treatments
  • Wrinkles around the face disappear, the skin appears firmer, the complexion looks younger and healthier
  • The pores are refined
  • Tired, gray skin is again much better supplied with blood
  • Applied to the scalp, it is better supplied with blood which stimulates hair growth

Simultaneous treatment with vitamin serums or a hyaluronic cream enhances the desired result. If the skin is not yet as stressed and relatively young, one or two treatments are generally sufficient to obtain the desired result. With older skin, you have to be a little more patient – but again, success will come.

The power of the best dermaroller has been recorded and supported by countless tests. A corresponding study of the US National Library of Medicine demonstrated that new collagen formation 6 weeks after treatment of this skin increased by 206%.

The treatment was then repeated four times at one month intervals using the incredible effect of the increased collagen and elastin from 400% !

And you don’t have to worry that the best dermaroller will cause new scars – the damage it causes to the skin is too small to form scar tissue.

What are the forms of the best dermaroller range?

Dermarollers vary in needle length and density of needles on the roller. A roll of about 2 cm diameter is ideal here. Needles not exceeding 1.5mm are suitable for home use. Above, it is up to professional hands to handle the handling.

Until 0.5mm, the needles are perfectly suited to better present the active ingredients to the skin. With this needle length, the first results of smoother and firmer skin are already visible after a relatively short time.

To get rid of deep acne or burn scars, you need professional hands. We’re using needles here 3 mm length.

What should you consider when using the best dermaroller?

The surface of the skin to be treated is completely cleaned and disinfected. The best dermaroller should also be extremely clean and sterile so that no bacteria are introduced into the skin during treatment and no disease is caused.

Professional treatment also requires the application of a cream that anesthetizes the skin – a so-called local anesthetic. This works for a short time and is then deleted again.

After cleaning your face and everything disinfected, you use the best dermaroller 4 at 5 times horizontally, then vertically and finally diagonally on the skin. Only slight pressure should be applied to barely feel the needlestick. If it hurts, then the pressure you are exerting is too strong and you have to proceed a little more lightly so that nothing ignites.

Finally, the skin is again completely cleansed and topped with a moisturizing cream or ointment.

Purchase criteria: Based on these factors, you can compare and evaluate the range of the best dermaroller

In the following, we will show you the criteria that you can use to compare and evaluate dermarollers. This makes it easier for you to have an overview and choose an appropriate and effective model.

In summary, these are the following criteria:

  • Needle length
  • Needle density
  • Material
  • Treatment
  • Others products
  • Design

In the following, you can read what the different criteria consist of and learn why it makes sense for you to buy a model based on these criteria or not.

Needle length

The length of the needle is probably the most important criterion important for your choice. The length of the needle depends on the skin problem you want to treat. This length also determines how often you need to perform treatment.

Many dermarollers are fitted with interchangeable rollers with different needle lengths. This means that you can equip your dermaroller according to your needs and do not need to buy several.

The needle length suitable for each treatment and the number of times a treatment must be carried out with which needle length are explained in detail in the advice section.

Needle density

The density of needles also plays an important role. Basically, there are dermarollers with 192 and 540 needles on rolls of 2 cm wide.

The roller that uses the highest density of needles improves and standardizes the functions of the affected area. However, sensitive skin can be irritated by the amount of needles. The number should therefore be reduced.

The best dermaroller with a lower needle density irritates the skin a little less and is therefore a slightly softer variant. However, it is a little more difficult to treat the skin in a uniform manner and the β€œtrails” must also be worn more often.


The material of the needles is a very important factor to take into account. The metal should be of the highest quality possible to keep the perforations as small as possible and to avoid ignition.

Many needles are made of stainless steel. The surgical steel needles are of high quality and therefore more expensive. The equipment must absolutely be checked with the purchase price.

The roller can be made from different materials. There are plastic or metal dermaroller. Here it depends on your individual tastes and your budget.


The dermarollers are relatively similar in their basic structure. They are meant to fit nicely in the hand and are easy to use.
Many dermarrollers have a roller width of 2 cm, which is suitable for all applications. But there are also larger rollers, which can be used on larger areas of skin.

The packaging itself also plays a role. The best dermaroller should be kept in a safe place between treatments to protect it from external soiling and other influences. The packaging must therefore be stable and well treated.

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Dermaroller 0.5mm with 540 Titanium Alloy Needles

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Others products

Many dermarollers are available as a kit. The Dermaroller Sets or Micro-Needling Sets have several rolls, contain a disinfectant or even skin care serums, which are created for treatment. This saves you not only money, but also time and effort to find the ideal products individually.

Interchangeable rollers are probably the most practical. You don’t have to choose between different needle lengths or buy multiple dermarollers. Depending on the application, all you need to do is insert the ideal roll and you are ready to use.

Disinfectants should not be underestimated when using the best dermaroller. Complete disinfection before and after treatment is necessary. A suitable disinfectant is the easiest way to properly perform this important step.

Skin care products such as serum or anesthetic cream may also be included. Vitamin and hyaluron serums are particularly appreciated for micro-needles because their effect is reinforced by the treatment. An anesthetic cream is useful for more needles and allows you to bear the pain of small bites.


The design of the best dermaroller should not be the decisive buying standard. After all, it is not as important as the length of the needle or the material.

However, this may affect your choice. The best dermaroller that seduces you visually makes each treatment more pleasant and can be used with much more pleasure.

Even if most of the dermarollers do not disagree too much optically, there are still dermarollers of different colors and designs. So choose one that you like so you can enjoy the treatment without worrying about the needles.


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