ᐅ The best deo in 2020: Our full review!

ᐅ The best deo in 2020: Our full review!

The best deo in 2020 – test summary, comparison and buying tips

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A summary of the best design reviews by respected magazines with the different winners, as well as information, buying tips, comparisons and more to help you find the perfect item for your needs.

Unpleasant underarm humidity, sweat stains and bad smells, many people are afflicted by sweating. Not only in summer, when temperatures rise, but even in cooler weather, many men and women suffer from excessive sweating in everyday life.

Deo Spray, Deoroller, Deo Stick or Deocreme, the choice of products that promise help is wide. Our summary on the best deodorant in 2020 helps you know which deodorant or antiperspirant is best for your body against intense sweating.

Whether at work, on the road or in contact with different people, a fantastic deodorant provides you with a reliable remedy against sweat spots and body odors and ensures you a total comfort in your own skin.

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Deodorant and antiperspirant

Although deodorants and antiperspirants are often confused as the same products, there is a gap between the two variants due to the existence of different ingredients.


It is mainly applied to the skin under the armpits, because this is where bad odors most often appear due to the many sweat glands. The purpose of a deodorant is to cover unpleasant odors with perfumes and to reduce the formation of odors by microorganisms by means of antimicrobial substances.


The components of an antiperspirant decrease the formation of sweat because the glands are temporarily tightened or blocked when the product is applied to the skin.

What is the best deodorant?

Whether during sport, in hot temperatures, in pleasure or in everyday life, sweating is a natural function of the organism, which can be important but which can unfortunately also be boring. That’s why the best deo is necessary in everyday life. To find the ideal deodorant, different points must be considered.

You should ask yourself the following questions before purchasing the best deo:

  • If the deodorant is antiperspirant
  • If a special product is necessary for sensitive skin
  • If alcohol, aluminum or cologne based deodorants are suitable products for my use
  • If the deodorant not only masks odors, but also eliminates the bacteria responsible for their formation
  • If the deodorant for people is unisex or to be used by everyone
  • If the deodorant is easy to apply and the active ingredients absorb quickly so that no residue remains on the clothes

The choice can always be based on personal preferences. However, the best deodorant should protect against unpleasant odors and underarm humidity and at the same time not irritate the skin.

Therefore, you should not just use the cheapest deodorant, but pay attention to the compatibility of the skin, the impact and the application. The deodorant test can help you get the best product for your needs.

Deo and aluminum

A number of deodorization test products contain aluminum hydrochloride, also called aluminum chloride. These are aluminum salts that tighten the pores of the skin in contact with the human body and thus reduce the formation of sweat.

It is the use of aluminum salts that determines in particular the antiperspirant, which can be particularly effective as a deodorant against intense perspiration. In this way, a fantastic effect can be obtained to minimize sweating and thus avoid underarm humidity and unpleasant odors.

However, some users are concerned that the use of aluminum-containing products will allow aluminum to enter the body and cause health problems. Different concepts can be found on the web that aluminum chloride may promote breast cancer or Alzheimer’s disease.

However, there is no conclusive scientific evidence or studies to support this view. Anyone who wants to do without aluminum-containing deodorants can make sure that the deodorant used does not contain aluminum compounds such as aluminum hydrochloride or aluminum chloride.

You will find corresponding information on the different deodorants on this site in the test reports for the different deodorant products.

Our top 5 best deo in 2020:

The story of the best deodorant

The history of deodorant begins in theancient Egypt, where thousands of years ago, rubbing scented oils on the skin was a common way to combat unpleasant body odors. In addition to vegetable oils, minerals such as Tschermigit have also been used to enhance body odor. Here, it is mainly the civilizations of the Ancient china who practiced this variant.

It’s only at the end of fifteenth century, with the professionalization of the production of cologne in France, that other developments took place, which also had an influence on the production processes of deodorants.

In 1833, Czech physiologist Jan Evangelista Purkyne finally found the purpose of the human sweat glands, which led to the production of deodorants using mainly moisture inhibitors and disinfectants.

The first deodorant comparable to current products in the deodorant test dates from 1888. The deodorant using the name MUM was created in the United States by an unknown inventor on the basis of zinc ointment and is considered the first commercial deodorant. At the end of the years 1940, the first ball stick was created from deodorant cream.

Over the years 1960, many deodorants were created as a deodorant spray due to the creation of the aerosol can. It’s only over the years 1980 that propellant and its negative impact on the ozone layer have led people to rethink deodorant sticks and deodorants in rolls.

Deodorants based on aluminum hydrochloride or aluminum chloride have recently acquired the reputation of being harmful to health, even carcinogenic. But there are no concrete studies that could prove such links.

Today, deodorants and antiperspirants are available in many unique variations.

Purchase criteria: You can compare and evaluate the range of the best deo based on the following factors

In the following, we will show you the criteria that you can use to compare and evaluate deodorants. This will make it easier for you to have an overview and to choose a suitable and beneficial product.

  • Perfume
  • Aluminum

Below you can read what the different criteria consist of and learn why it makes sense for you to buy a product based on these criteria or not.


Regarding perfumes, we offer a full range for the female and male audience:

  • Flowery
  • Oriental
  • Citric
  • Aromatic
  • Wooded
  • (and many others depending on the brand)

Many deodorants release their odor as soon as the wearer begins to sweat.


If aluminum is contained, deodorants are usually called antiperspirants because they ensure that the armpits stay sterile.
Aluminum is also contained in deodorant crystals, the list of components often contains the expression “alumβ€œ, Which also contains aluminum compounds.

Since aluminum is often blamed for causing breast cancer or dementia, the German-based Federal Institute for Risk Assessment recommends that an adult consume no more ” one milligram of aluminum per kilogram of body weight per week.

What you need to know about deodorants

History of deodorants

At the time they existed in the genre of scented baths. Another variant was alum shale, which was not used to increase body odor, but to treat inflammation or to prevent bleeding from wounds.

Homemade deodorant

The DIY trend does not stop with deodorants either, so you will find many recipes on the web, whether to get a spray or a deodorant cream.

A cream is a little easier to prepare, so it’s probably the best option for your first job. First, you will need food grade sodium bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate Funcakes, available in supermarkets between 3 and 4 €), which can be used in the deodorant as an odor neutralizer.

In this case, the carrier substance remains missing, in the case of a cream, unsalted coconut fat is suitable here, which also takes care of your armpits.

This can be stored in an empty box or in a glass, preferably in the refrigerator, since coconut fat can also start to melt at room temperature.

Using the best deodorant in the genital area?

The intimate area is very sensitive, so you should refrain from using your daily deodorant for this area, because alcohols that unnecessarily irritate the skin are present. This can make you more vulnerable to illness and can usually lead to a very unpleasant smell.

But, there are deodorants specially designed for the intimate area that you can use without hesitation.

How to get rid of an empty deodorant?

Empty deodorants can simply be placed in the bin or the yellow bag for proper disposal.

But if there is still content in the box, the container is considered hazardous waste and you should take it to the nearest recycling center.

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Spotting with deodorants

Unfortunately this is an annoyance, which nevertheless appears relatively often, because most stains develop by aluminum or zinc salts, which is often contained in the deos.

When the spray or roll-on has successfully penetrated, unattractive white spots can easily appear on clothing. But it should go away after washing without any problem.

Yellow spots are formed by the interaction of sweat, aluminum and body fat and are commonly found on absorbent clothing such as cotton. In this case, a stain remover applied before washing is very useful.


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