ᐅ The best cold wax strips in 2020!

ᐅ The best cold wax strips in 2020!

The best cold wax strips in 2020 – test summary, comparison and buying tips

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A summary of the tests of the best cold wax strips in 2020 by respected magazines with the different winners, as well as information, buying advice, comparisons and many other elements to help you find the ideal article for your needs.

Especially in summer, the desire for beautiful smooth thighs is all the greater. In the meantime, there are many possibilities for hair removal. One popular popular technique is cold wax hair removal. It allows you to epilate different areas of the body without problems and in a limited time. The application is simple and the areas remain hairless for a very long time.

In the following, all the useful information and advice is described roughly around the best cold wax strips, which are very popular not only among girls, but also among boys.

The best cold wax strips – rapid hair removal directly at the hairline

Body hair removal is a very important part of hygiene for many men and women. Whether under the armpits, on the legs or at the level of the private parts, soft and smooth skin is preferred everywhere. Rather, it is the hair on the torso, back and armpits that is most often removed.

Although classic shaving is the most used method, permanent hair removal, like cold wax hair removal, is booming. This is possible thanks to the best cold wax strips which allow rapid hair removal at the root of the hair.

What is a cold wax strip and how to use it?

The application is extremely simple: the strips are warmed with the palm of your hands, because they create their best effect at body temperature. The strips of wax are glued to the areas to be depilated in the direction of hair growth. You must then press gently and leave to act for a few minutes. The wax mixture surrounds the hairs.

Your skin should always be stretched for optimal results. If the hair has been completely removed, the procedure can simply be repeated.

After dewaxing

Your skin is then washed with water. Ensure that the application is smooth. After dewaxing, a cleaning product, for example in the form of a cloth, is very useful. This removes wax residue from the skin and also has an effect calming and caregiver.

All wax residue must be removed completely, otherwise it can clog the pores and cause inflammation. The skin should then be pampered with a soft cream containing, for example, aloe vera or chamomile. If inflammatory areas develop, they can be treated with an appropriate ointment.

Which parts of the body are suitable for the best cold wax strips and what should I watch out for when applying them?

The individual bristles must have a certain length, since they do not adhere optimally to the wax strip. A few millimeters are recommended. Make sure that the skin area to be treated is clean, dried and fat free. It is also important to quickly remove the strips of cold wax.

This is very important because otherwise the hairs will not be removed and the wax will still adhere to the skin. If used properly, the hairs will get caught in the wax and the result will be a smooth, beautiful area of ​​skin. For example, the armpits, legs, bikini line and even facial hair, beard or down can be removed completely and permanently.

The best cold wax strips are therefore available in different sizes and formats. Cold wax strips should not be used to treat acne or injured, reddened or inflamed skin.


The hair, which can be removed with the root, sticks to the strip. It’s a fantastic way to effectively and thoroughly remove hair from the skin. The longer they are, the better they will be taken up by the strip of cold wax. The effect lasts a few weeks.

Our favorite selection ❀ :

Veet Full Body Waxing Kit for Normal Skin, 20 strips

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After using the best cold wax strips – skin care

Wash the cold wax strips under running water and place them ready to be washed. Alternatively, the products can be cleaned using a cleaning cloth. You should now allow the treated skin to rest, maybe the treated body part reacts more sensitively than you are used to. You should not scratch yourself at this stage and should not worry unnecessarily about the skin.

Rossmann cold wax strips

The brand Isana has expanded its product range to include high quality cold wax strips. Strips of cold wax Rossmann are a reliable aid for depilation of different areas of the skin.

DM cold wax strips

The range of products Balea consists of high quality cold wax strips from DM, with which you can free all areas of the body from hair. It doesn’t matter if you want to treat the bikini line or other body parts with the cold wax strips DM you have a cheap alternative and a clean end result.

Among other things, the client finds at DM lots of extra cold wax strips with very different brands and manufacturers.

Our top 5 best cold wax strips in 2020:

Purchase criteria: Based on these factors, you can compare and evaluate the best cold wax strips.

For unique places, it is therefore advisable to wear different strips of cold wax. In the following we have looked again at the different types more precisely and we have exercised three characteristics for you, on the basis of which you can again compare the strips of cold wax:

  • Compatibility with the skin
  • Strip size of cold wax
  • Resistance to cold wax

Compatibility with the skin

An obviously very important point is that you are not doing any harm to your body in any way. For this reason, you need to make sure that the best cold wax strips are dermatologically tested.

Also check the ingredients to see if you are allergic to certain oils. The places where the hair and its root are pulled out by waxing are open pores. Substances enter it quickly and without hindrance. The additives in the cold wax strips get into your body faster than usual.

Wax strip size

Obviously that makes sense, because you have to work with different precision. But, many men and women buy just a pack of wax strips and want to use them for any part of the body.

However, you should pay attention to this:

With small strips of cold wax, you will be unnecessarily busy wasting long strips of wax and therefore money for larger areas.

If you use large strips of wax for places where you have to work meticulously (eyebrows as an example), you want some practice. In any case, make sure the wax is not powerful for your favorite area.

Resistance to cold wax

The longer or thicker the hairs, the more powerful the cold wax should be. When the wax is not strong enough, the wax strips are unlikely to give you a result. The wax is simply not powerful enough to remove thick hairs, for example in the bikini line. Then in the end you did it all for nothing, except having pain.

On the other hand, be sure to choose a less powerful wax for fine hair, for example on the face area. This wax also adheres to the skin and can cause unpleasant damage to sensitive facial skin.

What you need to know about cold wax strips

We’ve put together some helpful tips and answered a few questions to get you started right away.

How to avoid pimples when using the best cold wax strips?

After waxing, the pores where the torn hair follicles are opened. If something gets into these pores, they spark quickly and the pimples grow.

The easiest way to stop pimples after waxing is to close these pores. The pores open up when it’s hot, for example, so that we can sweat. Conversely, the pores close when it is cold.

Take a cold shower after use or place a cold compress on the area where you have plucked your hair. It is also ideal for stressed skin and to relieve pain.

Although it is often suggested to use a soothing cream or gel after hair removal, really wait until the pores are closed. This can also be done very quickly, a short shower is enough.

You can also use a scrub if you are using wax. Because new hair grows back, but not like shaving. Here they keep growing, new hair is created by waxing. These hairs can grow inside, which means they can’t get out – and an ugly pimple grows.

Our favorite selection ❀ :

Veet Full Body Waxing Kit for Normal Skin, 20 strips

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How to remove the remains of cold wax strips?

If there is a lot of wax on your body, the oil really helps. Wait a little after application until the skin has calmed down a bit. Drink a handkerchief with decorative oil and lightly rub the rest of the wax on your body.

It would be better if you took pure oil, maybe even baby oil. It often contains no additives that can penetrate the skin and is particularly gentle.

How long can the result last after using the best cold wax strips?

According to the manufacturer, the end result of the best strips of cold wax lasts about 4 weeks. But this is the best possible result. You can often expect your hair to grow back sooner.

Many users report that particularly fine, small hairs grow back after 1 at 2 weeks, but they add that they are rarely seen as disturbing.


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