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ᐅ The best body scrub in 2020!

The best body scrub in 2020 – test summary, comparison and buying tips

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A summary of the best body scrub tests by respected magazines with the different winners, as well as information, buying tips, comparisons and more to help you find the perfect item for your needs.

In the human body, the skin is your largest organ. It is therefore not surprising that the skin also needs a complete beauty program. The skin, too, can react sensitively.

It is also important for the complete care of the skin that from time to time the scales of dead skin are removed at the same time as the peeling of the body. After all, everyone wants flawless, clean skin that sparkles with stars (maybe not either!). If peels are done regularly, everyone can get a little closer to the ideal.

The English word peeling means scrub or exfoliant. At the same time the body peel is also worrying because the dead skin cells must be peeled or removed.

With the best body scrub there are usually a lot of benefits and therefore the skin image can improve / There is a rosy and fresh complexion, an elimination of sebum deposits, this opens the pores which are much better accepted, impurities and blackheads are reduced by masks following the best body scrub. The connective tissue is tightened and the skin is better supplied with blood.

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Which body scrub is best for me?

The best fruit acid body scrub, which works with glycolic acid or lactic acid, is particularly popular. These two natural active ingredients have an extremely intense and guarantee clearly observable results.

The best body scrub with lots of balls or crystals is usually described as a “mechanical peel“. Here, sugar crystals or jojoba balls are responsible for removing dead skin cells from the epidermis. By massaging the particles on the skin, blood circulation is also promoted. Enzyme peels gently fight dead cells.

What should you consider before purchasing?

  • Skin types: using the best body scrub should be appropriate for your skin type. In general, you can use peels that are suitable for all skin types. For particularly sensitive skin, use special peels that do not unnecessarily irritate the skin. Oily skin can be treated with a combination skin peel that removes fat particles.
  • Intensity of the effect: depending on the strength of the effect to be obtained after application, the peeling effect must be taken into account. For sensitive skin, use a weak peel, as these are less powerful peel particles.
  • Active ingredients: in order to avoid allergies or side effects, all ingredients must be of purely natural origin. The skin should not be overloaded with chemicals. Special ingredients provide vitamins to the skin after treatment and give it an antibacterial effect.

The best body scrub – pros and cons

The positive and negative qualities of the peel are presented here: it opens the pores for better absorption of the body lotion

What should you consider when using the best body scrub?

The best body scrub has an impact beneficial on the human body and can therefore be used for various reasons. Body scrub is always a great choice, no matter if you have black dots on the neckline, if you want to fight cellulite or if you have dry skin.

Many men and women are well advised to use the peel, which means that the ritual can also be included in a health program a few times a week. People who are interested in body scrub products will find many products for different areas of commercial application.

If you do not want to have access to expensive commercial products, you can also make your own body scrub very easily. After all, everyone knows what components are used and anyone who reacts allergically to the substances can omit them during production. All vegans and vegetarians can make sure there are no animal ingredients in the best body scrub.

A peel can then be adapted exactly to a personal skin problem. If the best body scrub is done by yourself, then it should be freshly prepared, since it usually only lasts a few days. It is always best to test purchased or homemade products in discreet places.

This method is important because it is the only way to know if the products can be tolerated. Who has small skin sores or sensitive skin like skin impurities or acne, then body scrub should not be used in all cases, if it is made with yogurt, milk or cheese White.

With animal products, germs can get into wounds. If a peel is used on the face, it is important that the mucous membranes are omitted. The peel can remove dead dander and excess sebum from the skin. The best body scrub is suitable perfectly if your skin should be as smooth as possible.

The peeling agent can be used on the skin of the whole body and is always carefully massaged. The grainy consistency creates a kind of rubbing effect where the scales of mature skin come off. Regular use can significantly improve the appearance of the skin.

Purchase criteria: Based on these criteria, you can compare and evaluate the range of the best body scrub.

In the following, we will show you what aspects you can choose to get a body peel or an alternative.

The criteria you can use for comparison include:

  • Ingredients
  • Compatibility
  • use
  • Value for money

In the next paragraphs, we explain to you exactly what is important.


The best body scrubs contain natural or synthetic abrasives (polymer microparticles, sugar, flaxseed, etc.) and various ingredients in the discipline of body care.

The other ingredients include emulsifiers, oils and lotions, as well as perfumes, preservatives, humectants, thickeners, gelling agents and stabilizers.

As the name suggests, the enzymatic peel contains enzyme complexes for the peeling rather than the abrasive effect.

And the impact of acid or fruit acid peels generally comes from gycolic acids and alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA), but may also contain amino acids. The dosage of these contained acids can be varied.

Our top 5 best body scrubs in 2020:


The tolerance depends on the one hand on the type of skin and on the other hand of the chosen peel. Enzymatic peelings, for example, are considered to be particularly well tolerated because they are very softer than other peelings because of their ingredients.

Depending on the dosage, a fruit acid peel should only be performed after consultation with a dermatologist or under medical supervision to avoid any health risk.

Warning : People with sensitive skin prone to irritation should generally avoid mechanical scrubs.


Applying the best body scrub is quick and easy. For particularly easy application, it is ideal to use the shower gel directly from the shower.

In case you just want to treat certain parts of the body – like the elbows or the knees – it’s definitely very simple. A decent amount of body peel is then applied to the skin previously moistened and massaged by hand. circular movements.

Be careful not to rub too hard – this can cause irritation, especially if you are not used to the treatment. Finally, rinse the part of the body treated with water thoroughly and apply a moisturizer.

Value for money

The best body scrub can be very productive, but it is not mandatory. It depends on the frequency of use of the peel per week and the extent of the areas treated.

If you regularly use a whole-body scrub, a single pot will run out pretty quickly. If used only on individual parts of the body, the pot will last a lot Longer.

From this point of view, it is not easy to give a general opinion on the value for money. If it is believed, however, that a mechanical peel can be performed with favorable means, then the price-performance ratio of most of the mechanical peels that can be purchased is rather poor.

For peels with enzymes and fruit acids, which cannot be done alone and which have a different impact from mechanical peels, the value for money is appropriate.

Good to know !

Your skin should be observed carefully during body care. If, for example, you discover small rednesses or elevations on the skin, ingrown hairs can be the cause.

If your skin is very dry and flaky, the upper layers of the skin seem to have trouble peeling off properly. And if you have a scar or freshly healed wound that doesn’t really want to fade, your skin’s ability to regenerate doesn’t seem as powerful as it could be.

In these cases, it may be advisable to use the best body scrub to help your skin a little. She will thank you for looking fresher and healthier!

How often should you use the best body scrub to get the desired result?

For best results, use 2 at 3 times per week. It is not recommended to do this more than 3 times per week. But, one should always keep in mind that one must also pay attention to the individual reaction of the skin.

If, for example, you are using a body peel for the first time and are still unsure of the correct pressure during the massage, it is likely that you are irritating the skin too much.

In this case, the irritation should be completely removed before using the whole body peel again.

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What happens if your skin reacts with irritation and what does that mean exactly?

Irritations after using the best body scrub can have several causes. First, as mentioned above, the skin may not be used to being treated with a peel. Such irritation is usually caused by inflammation, sometimes by minor inflammation of the treated area.

This quickly disappears on its own (a wound cream can naturally help a little) and can be avoided by reducing the pressure during the massage.

In addition, the preferred type of peel can be a cause of irritation. Depending on the skin type, the skin will irritate more or less quickly. In this case, it is better to use another peel with a finer grain – or to switch from a mechanical peel to an enzymatic peel.


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