ᐅ The best blower brush in 2020!

ᐅ The best blower brush in 2020!

The best blower brush in 2020 – test summary, comparison and buying tips

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A summary of reviews of the best blower brush by respected magazines with the different winners, as well as information, buying tips, comparisons and more to help you find the perfect item for your needs.

A blower brush, also known as a hair dryer brush, is the combination of a brush and a hair dryer. It can be used with one hand and with little effort. The best blower brush usually has a few temperature and speed settings, and the cold air setting is frequently recommended.

In this way, the best blower brush can be easily adapted to the condition of the hair and the desired hairstyle. In addition to great maneuverability, an excellent blower brush has a sufficiently long cable with a joint swivel to allow elastic movements without too much twisting of the cable.

The cold air button should also be easily accessible with a finger so that the temperature can be reduced if necessary. Unlike conventional straightening and perming, regular use is not a problem for sensitive scalps or stressed hair. Hot blower brushes are available in many shapes and sizes as well as in different colors.

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The different types of blower brushes available

Depending on the hair type and desired style, separate blower brushes can be used. For example, you can choose from soft bristle brushes. These have the advantage that the hair becomes tangled less quickly inside. Some devices are equipped with an automatic deployment mechanism.

Thanks to the hot air brushes covered with ceramic, the heat is distributed evenly and the structure of the hair is protected. The best blower brush with ionizer is suggested for people with soft, long hair.

But not all brushes are suitable for all hair lengths. The desired size of the waves or curls is based on the diameter of the brush. The large blower brushes have several accessories that can be replaced if necessary.

These are usually wide and extra wide ties for huge curls, small clips for small waves or curls and hair dryer clips for straight hair, and for achieving full hair fullness. If you are looking for special application relaxation, you can use the best blower brush with the help of rotating accessories that can rotate in two distinct directions.

Large round brush

If you have moderate, long or heavy hair, it is ideal to use a large round brush (for example 40 and 50 millimeters of diameter). Curls and voluminous hairstyles can be styled exactly at the same time.

Small round brush

Short to moderate hair can be dried very quickly and shaped to the desired shape. Even soft curls are effective with the aid of the accessory.


An additional accessory for the best blower brush brings fullness to the hair and smooths it out through drying. It is important that the brush is easy and safe to attach and that it does not move.

Note : Brush accessories should not be removed for cleaning immediately after using the blower brush.

As the brush can still be very hot, there is a risk of skin burns. It is advisable to use devices with overheating protection.

Important equipment details

Today there are a wide variety of brush versions. When purchasing the best blower brush, it is important to consider what it should be used for. In addition, there are other features and details of the equipment that will need to be considered.

Motor with automatic rotation and long cable

When choosing the best suitable blower brush, the power of the motor plays a particularly important role. While a power lower than 700 watts is sufficient for short and fine hair, for thicker and longer hair, 800 watts and more is necessary to obtain an optimal result.

The cable must have a minimum length of 2 meters and should ideally be pivoted on 360 degree.

Coating of accessories

At the same time, the brush is very easy to guide through the hair and allows for gentle styling.

Diameter and condition of brush heads

While many brush heads have plastic bristles, some have natural bristles (often Boar). These shine the hair and make sure it doesn’t get tangled by styling.

The brush heads, mainly coated with ceramic, have different sizes and shapes. As an example, there are small round brushes with a diameter of 20 at 25 millimeters and large brush heads 40 or 50 millimeters.

Fan / heating levels

As a general rule, the best blower brush has at least 2 levels blower and heater. In addition, innovative ion technology ensures that there is no static charge. The effect is easily combable and the hair shiny.

Cold stage

If you want to wash your hair very gently, you can use most blower brushes using a cold setting. This also allows the hairstyle to be repaired later, so that it lasts longer, so less hairspray is used.

Our top 5 best blower brushes in 2020:

The benefits of the best blower brush

The best blower brush offers many possibilities for designing and changing hair. They can be smoothed, tumble dried, wavy or curly as desired. If you don’t have much time in the morning, you will benefit from the ease of use. A hair dryer brush is – as stated at the beginning – the combination of a hair dryer and a brush.

The brush can be used with one hand and, thanks to its high-quality ceramic coating and various temperature settings (such as the cold atmosphere), it combs hair more gently than a straightener or curling iron.

The advantages of the best blower brush at a glance:

  • Slim and contemporary design
  • Extended cable (1.5 at 2 meters) with rotating joint

Purchase criteria: You can compare and evaluate hot airbrushes based on the following factors

Finding your way in the jungle in the range of hair is not so easy. In the following, we want to show you what factors you can use to compare and evaluate hot air brushes. This will make it easier for you to determine whether a particular device is right for you or not:

  • Materials
  • Weight
  • Performance
  • Brush diameter
  • Temperature levels
  • Cold setting
  • Ionic technology
  • Hair materials

When choosing the best blower brush, you need to do your hair a favor and pay special attention to the coating of the accessories when choosing the material.

Styling devices that work with heat stress the structure of the hair. Although blower brushes treat hair with less indirect heat and are therefore less harmful than curling irons, for example, hair should be protected as well as possible.


Ceramics and tourmaline are two components that make hair not only less fragile but also more beautiful.

The ceramic coating protects the hair and allows the fixture to slide through the hair. It distributes the heat evenly over the brush. In the case of metal plates, for example, the heat is distributed unevenly, which causes burns and fractures in the structure of the hair.

Tourmaline is also a very popular element. It is negatively charged by the effect of heat. These negative ions are emitted by styling. These ions dry the hair from the inside out. The capillary structure is thus less exposed to heat. The outer protective layer of the hair is closed, so that the hair looks healthy and shiny.

So, if you plan to use the blower brush regularly or even daily, the coatings mentioned above should not be missing:


An often underestimated standard is the weight of the best blower brush. Needless to say, weight doesn’t matter when you hold the brush for a short time. However, given the weight of the device, the shaping process is a sporting masterpiece. To facilitate handling, the device should be as light as possible.


As mentioned above, the structure of the bristle plays an important role in the performance that your blower brush is supposed to provide. The high powers dry and style the hair in record time because it is stronger and the maximum temperature is reached quickly. But depending on the texture of your hair, this is not necessary.

Brush diameter

The diameter of the best blower brush plays a role in the condition, length and style of the hair. Having a blower brush with unique accessories allows you to be extremely flexible in this step. But if you want to buy the best classic blower brush, you should check it out before you buy.

In principle, there are large and small round brushes. Large round brushes 40 at 50 millimeters diameter: the larger the brush, the more it can pick up the hair. In principle, you should use a larger round brush for long, thick hair. With a small brush, styling would also take forever.

This brush is ideal for giving your hair a natural amount and great flowing curls. Small round brush 20 at 25 millimeters diameter: for short and fine hair, the small diameter blower brush is more practical for drying and shaping the hair. Little angel curls are no problem for them. This brush is also ideal for shaping the hair to the desired shape.

Temperature levels

The best blower brush has different temperature levels to adapt to the hair. When the hair is in different states, different temperatures should be used accordingly.

For wet hair, which can be particularly sensitive and break easily, the lowest temperature should be used to protect the hair. If the hair is shaped in a sterile state, its condition again plays a role in the choice of temperature.

Thick hair is a little stronger and a little more resistant at high temperatures. Fine hair is more sensitive and low temperatures are suggested. Your blower brush should therefore have at least 2 levels of temperature.

Cold setting

When purchasing the best blower brush, you need to check beforehand if it has a cold air level. It is not only gentle on the hair, but also gives the hairstyle a longer hold.

As already mentioned above, the hot air from the blower brush weakens the natural hydrogen compounds in the hair and the hair can be shaped. The cold stage can be used immediately after this procedure.

With cold air, it ensures that the connections are reinforced again and that the outer protective layer of the capillary structure is closed. The desired hairstyle is fixed and a longer hold is made possible.

Ionic technology

Another standard when buying the best blower brush is the famous ion technology. As with the additional criteria for hot air brushes, the goal here would be to design the hair gently. This is absolutely necessary for regular use of a hot air appliance. Ion technology, as the name suggests, works with negative ions.

The blower brush expels hot air. But before that, the atoms of the air are negatively charged by the ionic functioning. This technology ensures that the hair is not loaded statically. The reduction in hydration is compensated for and the hair is smoother and brighter.

Hair materials

Different options are also available for the bristle material. Here we make the difference between plastic, thermal hair and finally natural hair, which largely includes wild boar hair.

  • Plastic: Many hot air brushes are fitted with plastic bristles. They are inexpensive and withstand the hot air of the hair dryer. However, their arrangement also brings a certain hardness and the hair can easily do it.
  • Thermal bristles: These hairs have a ceramic or aluminum core which retains heat and gives elasticity to the hair. The hair not only dries faster, but also receives a slight rebounding effect.
  • Natural hair: Natural hair is the unrivaled favorite, but hair is less often equipped with natural hair because it is also more expensive. Natural hair has the ability to absorb grease and remove sebum, salt and other dirt from the hair. They also stimulate the hair follicles and improve blood circulation.

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Specific characteristics

When buying the best blower brush, you should also pay attention to the special features in the form of various functions:

  • Retractable bristles: the retractable bristles provide above all for a comfortable style. The hair can be rolled on the brush and then released by lowering the hair. This function is particularly useful when the hair is caught in the hair. In this case, they can be discharged by lowering the hairs.
  • Rotating round brush: the brush turns alone and makes styling easier. The locks of hair no longer need to be deformed manually, because the rotary accessory does all the work for you; they are usually equipped with a clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation. watch hands and above all facilitate styling of the back of the head.
  • Automatic brush: the automatic brush is mainly used to style a curly hairstyle. The locks of hair can be unwound automatically after being manually wound. This process is effortless and prevents the hair from becoming knotted.

Is the best blower brush harmful to hair?

The hair structure is always stressed by heat. Daily use of heaters puts a lot of pressure on the hair, it dries and the ends of the hair have split ends.

However, hot air brushes have the advantage, compared to devices such as curling irons, that the hair is dried and shaped. When purchasing the best blower brush, it is important to pay attention to the ceramic coating and the ionic function of the brushes. These protect the hair.

This is why it is advisable to use it regularly. But if possible, choose a low heat level and protect use hair with a thermal protection spray.


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