ᐅ The best black soap in 2020!

ᐅ The best black soap in 2020!

The best black soap in 2020 – test summary, comparison and buying tips

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A summary of reviews of the best black soap by respected magazines with the different winners, as well as information, buying tips, comparisons and more to help you find the perfect item for your needs.

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Black soap

The best black soap is a natural or valuable product for skin care and is a starter in the beauty industry. This special soap is one of the most popular natural care products because it can fight various skin problems. Black soap is said to be chipping, soap and care cream in one product.

The best black soap has been used for centuries in Nigeria, Ghana and Togo for personal care and cleanliness. In these regions, this soap is used as a miracle cure for skin or hair problems. Whether it’s oily skin, dry skin, itching, acne or eczema, black soap has a lasting, fast and very reliable effect.

Thanks to its absolutely natural character, this soap is also used for the care of baby’s delicate skin. The traditional recipe is a mixture of water, ash, palm oil and banana peel.

Elaborate production

Ingredients such as palm leaf ash, shea butter and coconut oil may be additional ingredients in the soap. Producing the best black soap is not an easy process. The banana peels are dried in the hot sun. This texture is then baked in a clay oven until ashes remain.

After this procedure, all the other ingredients such as shea butter and coconut oil are heated and mixed with the soap mass. The agitation makes the soap strong and can be skimmed on the surface.

The best natural African black soap from Nubian heritage

Below the black soap category, many distinct products from renowned manufacturers are available for sale. Between the different soaps or sets of soap, it can be determined individually. Among the most popular soaps in the category is African black soap from Nubian heritage. Everyday eczema, acne, oily skin or other skin problems can be minimized with constant application.

The best African birth black soap

African Birth Black Soap is also one of the best in this category. With the precious black soap Dudu osun from Nigeria, pure honey, shea butter, African sandalwood and aloe vera are the main components of the soap. It helps skins with large pores, blackheads or even oily skin and can be used daily. The fresh lemon scent makes the natural benefits even more intriguing.

Our top 5 best black soaps in 2020:

Purchase criteria: Based on these factors, you can compare and evaluate the range of the best black soap.

In the following, we will show you which aspects you can choose from the multitude of black soaps.

The criteria that will help you compare the soaps with each other are:

  • Ingredients
  • Culture
  • Native country
  • Quantity
  • Packaging


When purchasing the best black soap, you should always take a good look at the components. Soap is gaining more and more popularity in Europe and that is why many soaps are called this way, which differ considerably from the original type in the components. When buying soap, make sure that the basic ingredients are present and that the soap does not contain any additives.


Since black soap is a natural product, it has the potential to be environmentally valuable. But, you should also find out about growing conditions before buying.

There are many palm oil manufacturers in particular who cut large areas of the rainforest so that they can produce more oil.

So once you buy, make sure you find information on how companies position themselves and where they source their raw materials.

Most companies dedicated to sustainable organic farming also offer detailed information on their site.
If you can’t find any information about it, it’s a bad sign in most cases.

Native country

If you want to have the best original black soap, you have to pay attention to the original condition if you buy. The most common products are made in Ghana or Nigeria.

It’s great for learning about the business before you buy. There are many companies that buy their soap in other countries and encourage them to produce more. With the purchase of your soap from such a company you can also contribute in part to their production.


Since the best black soap has to travel a long distance, it is a good idea to get more directly.
This is fine, as the soap lasts long enough.

By purchasing larger quantities, you not only save emissions of CO2, but also money, since many suppliers offer packs at a lower cost.


The best black soap is a natural soap that is not only good for your body, but also for the environment, because it does not contain synthetic substances such as microplastics, which are released into water.

To be able to increase the ecological factor, you have to pay attention to the packaging when buying soap. This should be as small as possible and preferably made of paper.

How long has the best black soap been around?

The best black soap has been used in West Africa for centuries for a variety of purposes. Historians agree that African black soap and Aleppo soap from Syria are the first soaps in the world.

What is the original recipe for the best black soap?

Black soap comes from West Africa, where it has been used for centuries. The soap is made there according to old family recipes. These family recipes go back a long time and have generally been developed in parallel, which is why no original recipe can be recognized. The components and the manufacturing process of this soap are always very similar.

Choose a base oil

First, you need to choose a base oil. Traditionally, the best black soap uses coconut oil, palm kernel oil, palm oil and shea butter.

You can also use several oils as in traditional soap. You will find the individual benefits of oils in the component section. It is important that you buy your oils in raw form.

Make the ashes

To make the ashes, you can burn the plantain cubes on low heat on the grill or in the oven at medium temperature. The more ash you use for your soap, the more it will be dark.

Mix the ashes with water

Now gradually mix the ashes into the water. Use distilled water. The ash should represent approximately 1: 3 some water.
As ash detergent can be somewhat sterile, you should wear protective glasses and gloves as a precaution.

It is ideal to use a plastic or glass jar to mix the ash and water, since the ashes contain potassium hydroxide.

Heat the oil

Heat the oil in a double saucepan, add the ash liqueur and simmer the mixture over low heat, stirring regularly. Once the mixture has reached a thick, creamy consistency after approximately 45 minutes, the soap is ready.

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Add a fragrance (if necessary)

Most black soaps contain no additives. You can, however, add a scent in the kind of herbs or essential oils.

Remove the soap

Once the soap has settled on the pan, you can let it cool a bit, then skim it and put it in a mold.

Let the soap harden

Finally, you should let the soap harden. It takes about 2 weeks.


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