ᐅ The best alkaline bath salt in 2020!

ᐅ The best alkaline bath salt in 2020!

The best alkaline bath salt in 2020 – test summary, comparison and buying tips

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A summary of the tests of the best alkaline bath salt by respected magazines with the different winners, as well as information, buying advice, comparisons and many other elements to help you find the ideal article for your needs .

Wellness enthusiasts have known this for a long time: a full bath relaxes and at the same time releases energy for the body. But how can an alkaline bath work? We explain it to you in the following:

How can the best basic alkaline bath salt work?

Because the best alkaline bath salt increases the pH water so that it can have an impact on the skin. The value pH determines the acid-base content: a value less than 7 indicates an acidic material, a value pH better than 7 means that a substance is alkaline.

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Full of minerals and natural salts

The pH salt is usually between 7.5 and 9.5 approximately, that is, it can go from “slightly” to “strongly” alkaline.

Minerals, such as crystals or precious stones, have a high alkaline impact when sprayed.

Osmosis neutralizes the skin

An alkaline bath salt has first and foremost an influence on the skin. But it can happen that this natural protective layer is disturbed. Environmental influences as well as makeup can lower the pH skin. Result: it becomes acidic and the skin is no longer sufficiently protected.

If so, the best alkaline bath salt can help. The bases of this salt work according to the principle of osmosis: each time a base comes into contact with an acid, the pH substances are approaching. So if you have over-acidified skin and you are treating it with alkaline bath salts, the pH of the skin increases and the coat of natural protective acid can be repaired.

This allows visible results to be obtained quickly, as bath salt also helps to cleanse the skin. The clogged pores are open and therefore smaller, the sebaceous glands are regulated and the skin changes: after a bottom bath, it is often significantly softer and purer.

Thanks to the principle of osmosis, the best alkaline bath salt is extremely soft: Normally, the skin does not dry out, but appears balanced and pure.

An alkaline bath against hyperacidity

However, an alkaline bath can also influence the interior. Even if the principle of this acid-base balance is debated in mathematics, many victims can have fatigue, nausea and even a weakened immune system if their body contains too many acids.

A bath with alkaline salts can penetrate deep into the skin and thus also provide the interior of the body with alkaline salts. So it’s a fantastic addition to a basic diet. Because with all baths, muscle hyperacidity, which manifests itself for example by muscle pain and cramps, can also be combated.

The best alkaline bath salt neutralizes body odor

Another positive effect of an alkaline bath is that the acids are neutralized and the body odor decreases at the same time. For this reason, many people also use an alkaline bath for personal hygiene or, in combination with an alkaline deodorant, as a decorative substitute.

It can also help rid the body of toxins faster: on the one hand, increased blood circulation also boosts metabolism, and on the other hand, toxins can be excreted more quickly through the open pores of the skin. .

Benefits of the best alkaline bath salt at a glance

The best basic alkaline bath salt therefore has many advantages, for example it works on several few principles:

  • neutralizes odors
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Detoxifies

However, what is the best way to use an alkaline bath salt?

Application of the best alkaline bath salt

An alkaline bath salt should generally be prepared according to the manufacturer’s instructions: This usually means that several tablespoons of bath salt are placed in relatively hot water at a temperature of 36 at 38 degrees. The human body and the skin in particular must be cleaned.

Alkalizing hair and bath

Having an alkaline bath, the question often arises: Can I wash my hair with or without? The answer to this question is somewhat complicated. On the one hand, a bath with the best alkaline bath salt has a deacidifying influence on the scalp, so it can be effective against itching, for example.

On the other hand, alkaline bath salt can also dry out the hair in the long term, and that is why it is not advisable to leave it in the hair for a long time.

So you should only combine your hair with an alkaline bath salt if you wash your hair thoroughly afterwards. This is why you should do it at the end of a bath. Otherwise, it is advisable not to get rid of the alkaline salt but you can occasionally use an alkaline shampoo instead.

Our top 5 best alkaline bath salts in 2020:

Frequency of an alkaline bath

When the body is not used to it, an alkaline bath can be very demanding. So don’t overdo it at first, one alkaline bath a week is enough for the start. Once your body has gotten used to the process, you can increase the frequency and take alkaline baths three times a week later.

But how do you properly prepare an alkaline bath? We’ll explain it to you step by step.

A bath with alkaline bath salts explained step by step

Make arrangements to make sure you are not disturbed while bathing: evacuate the bathroom first, tell your roommates that you will be using the bathroom for a long period of time and have great entertainment : many people read a fantastic book or magazine in an alkaline bath, others install a television in the bathroom to watch a movie in peace.

Make sure the bathroom is ventilated. Due to the high temperature of the water and the bath salt, there can be a lot of water vapor, which obscures the bath. So keep your window opened to have a clear view.

Make drinks and something to snack on, as alkaline baths can quickly make you hungry. A bottle of water, for example, is recommended. Leave the bathroom door open. Because in an emergency, like traffic problems, it’s easier to have access to you. Leave the bath water.

An alkaline bath is usually taken at water temperatures similar to body temperature, i.e. 35 and 41 degrees, the temperatures between 36 and 38 degrees being the most frequent. To keep the temperature as constant as possible, it is advisable to have a thermometer handy near the bathtub. If the temperature drops, just add hot water.

Add the best bath salt to the water and make sure it mixes well. You can use a strip pH standard to measure whether the product pH meets your expectations. To readjust, you can add salt (for a pH higher) or water (to get a pH lower).

Now, hop in the bathtub! It is often suggested to take a bath of at least 45 minutes, but you should also follow the recommendations of the manufacturers of bath salts.

To increase blood circulation, it is useful to use a brush or your hands to massage the skin a little every two minutes. After the bath, it is advisable not to take a shower at the start. This will allow alkaline water to penetrate your body even better and have an effect.

If you take an alkaline bath in the evening, you can take a shower the next morning, for example. It is therefore not difficult to prepare an alkaline bath. All you need is a bathtub with water and alkaline bath salts. But which of the many alkaline bath salts is recommended? We took a closer look at some of the products and show you the 5 best alkaline bath salts.

Purchase criteria: You can compare and evaluate the range of the best alkaline bath salt based on the following factors.

Below we show you the criteria you can use to choose from the multitude of potential alkaline baths.

The criteria you should pay attention to when buying the best alkaline bath salt and how you can compare them include:

  • pH
  • Ingredients
  • Additives
  • Application


To be successful in deacidification, you must ensure that the pH of the best alkaline bath salt is between 7.5 and 9.5. In general, the higher the pH the higher the bath salt, the more successful the deacidification. However, also make sure that the value of the pH does not exceed the specified values, on pain of causing irritation or burning of the skin.

An additional advantage is the ability of water to penetrate the skin. Your skin can then better absorb the particles of active substances present in water, such as magnesium. With normal water, this is not possible, because the natural skin protection barrier does not allow the penetration of any substance.


The components of the best alkaline bath salt must be of superior quality. The alkaline bath should not only consist of salt and should be enriched with magnesium, kaolin, mineral earth or real gemstones, as needed.


Always read the additives carefully before purchasing. It is best to choose a product that does not contain parabens, mineral oils and artificial fragrances. These add nothing to the best alkaline bath salt and irritate the skin as they disrupt the skin’s natural acid mantle.

Parabens are preservatives that are structured likeestrogen, the female sex hormone. The absorption of parabens can influence the hormonal balance and cause side effects. Therefore, try to avoid them when buying the best alkaline bath salt and also in cosmetics in general.

Mineral oils are also controversial. Mineral oils are deposited in the body’s organs, but their health effects are still relatively unexplored. However, we know that mineral oils also alter the protective barrier of the skin and, in combination with the rays UV, may cause skin damage.

Once the ingredients are indicated on the products, only the technical terms which are incomprehensible to a layman are generally listed. So don’t be afraid to research unknown ingredients before buying. So you always know what you are getting.


When shopping, also pay attention to the possibilities of using the best alkaline bath salt. Not all bath salts, for example, are suitable for compresses and rinses.

For tired and stressed feet, for example, a foot bath is adequate. If you rarely have a lot of time, you can also use alkaline bath salts as a peel in the shower.

Of course, the best alkaline bath salt with the most application possibilities is the ideal all-rounder. So you can vary between application types depending on your needs and the time available.

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How to use the best alkaline bath salt correctly?

Before taking an alkaline bath, you should always read the instructions on the product packaging.

What are the possible side effects of using alkaline bath salts?

If you use alkaline bath salts correctly and follow the manufacturer’s instructions, there will rarely be side effects. Diabetics and women should consult a doctor before use to avoid possible complications.

A basic bath is also very suitable for treating dandruff, but you need to tie your hair while using the basic bath. If the hair stays too long in alkaline water, it may dry out. It is enough to moisten the scalp just before the end of the bath.


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